Color Inspiration

DSC03223This time of year, it is hard not to be inspired by all the colors of Autumn.

I typically gravitate towards a pastel pallet.  Lately I have been reminded of how nature affects patterns and the colors that we choose.

click on image to see fabric


Whether interior inspiration, fashion, or art in general, it all begins with nature.

fall morning reflection

When I am taking my camera along to photograph Autumn's beauty, I secretly am memorizing the colors.

DSC03228and the shapes I see highlighted by the lighting.

Autumn Morning with background


I enjoy creating an inspiration board of favorite fabrics, ribbons and shapes, which begins the design process for me.

Sometimes flipping through a swatch book of fabric can also be a good starting point.

DSC03228It's such a short season, yet so rich in colors, I thought I would memorize them for my inspiration files.  You never know when wintery days might need a bit of color to inspire you.

The song for this post is called Falling Leaves.  If you listen you might see the leaves blowing in the wind in your imagination.  This music brings me back to memories of the swoosh of Fall leaves.

If any of the images on this post speak to your heart, please take them home.  You never know when  inspiration might lead to the door to your creativity.

Fall Notes
Cinner said...

Oh Karen the colors are all so amazing, most of our trees are almost bare now, so this was a treat to start my Monday off right. have a great week.

Jean said...

Love the colors. They are my favorite. Beautiful!

Vee said...

Lovely and sometimes there's even a touch of pink in the leaves. We noticed it yesterday while out driving. Ours have mostly softened to the burnished coppers and dull golds. Any many of the trees are already bare.

Your inspiration board is lovely all in itself. I'd hang that and call it art. ☺

Yes, do spend some time swishing through the leaves. (When I learned that I could sew real leaf garlands, I started taking more walks looking for the best leaves.)

RobinfromCA said...

This post is so rich with color and so inspiring. Even though I'm not an artist, I love inspiration boards! Just to gather bits and bobs to make me smile and then change them up. I love this post and may have to revisit it again and again as our leaves don't change until mid-November here in Northern CA.


Dolores said...

Oh my goodness, so much beauty!!! Here in south Texas, we just don't see the beautiful fall colors.
Thanks for sharing all your natural beauty and the beauty you create.

Anonymous said...

Hello dear friend, thanks so much for visiting and your lovely comment on my blog. Your pictures are so rich and them!

xo, Abby

Kathleen Grace said...

First, let me say I love that little watercolor of a house, love it! So many people love autumn and i am sure it is the brilliant color that speaks to them. It seems that would be a wonderful inspiration for fabric, and the floral fabric you show is lovely!

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Karen,

Love these colours, Fall is my season...and your quote is just perfect!


Beverly said...

It is an exquisite season of the year, and it is my husband's favorite.

The leaves are just beginning to change here, and we are enjoying it so much.