iPhone Inspiration

Sitting on the stool next to me in the Apple store was a woman in her mid to late 80's.

She was so tiny that I couldn't believe that she could actually climb up onto the stool.  Suddenly her genius arrived, clad in the familiar red shirt, wearing an iPhone necklace.  He sat down next to her and greeted her by name.

He patiently reviewed what they had learned the last time she had met with him.  She was learning how to use an iMac.  It was clear that this was a new experience for her, but she was determined to learn.

Wow.  I want to be just like that woman, always getting out of my comfort zone and stretching to learn the next thing.

I too was given the opportunity to sit at an iMac while I waited for my red-shirted genius to arrive.  I was able to get all of my work done and enjoy the view.

About thirty red-shirted Apple geniuses suddenly appeared, as we all had arrived promptly for our "genius bar" appointments.  It was like being in a geeky version of that scene from Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, when the Oompa Loompa's arrive.

Earlier that morning I was feeling discouraged by my lack of knowledge about surface design.  Why you ask?  Well, I tried a new kind of  design from my normal fabric design style.  I entered the weekly contest on Spoonflower and ended up only positioning 37 out of 41.

I felt like I did when I reviewed the SAT scores for my English position in the High School hallway.  I love fabric design, but I have reached that "failure place" in the cycle of the creative process.

Luckily, I am familiar with the feeling, because being an artist, not only do you often fail, but it is actually the place where you land just before the breakthrough.  "Back to the drawing board", or as Fred and Ginger are singing "Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again!"

That woman sitting next to me not only got me out of the funk, but clearly pointed me in the right direction.  The ending to my Apple store adventure was,

Oh, and my breakthrough.  I need to get out of my comfort zone, take a class, research surface design and learn the proper way to create an interesting seamless repeat.  I want to improve my skills and be able to add plaids, polka dots and Pazazz to my designs.

My Grandmother would approve.  In essence, I have to "Pick myself up, dust myself off and start all over again!"

1.   energy, vigor, vitality, spirit, etc.
2.   smartness, style, flair, etc.

I wonder how I would have scored on my English SAT's if Google had been around in those days.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I think we would all fare better on tests if we took them now! We all have so much more scope for the imagination! One of your images looks very familiar...we watched Little Women tonight! ♥

Dolores said...

You've painted a vivid picture of this little lady on the big stool. I love it when older people (I'm getting to be one of them), get out there are stretch their minds and bodies.

I love all your beautiful images!
I couldn't live without Google....

lisa said...

What a wonderful and inspiring post this is Karen.
Thank you!!

Jenni said...

Thank you for such a sweet post..I had a smile on my face the whole way through...and then I started singing! Good thing no-one was home!
It's a good saying to live by, I think.
Good luck with your endeavours.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I so needed to read this. Failure is not easy to take, whether you are an artist or teacher or human being in general! THANK YOU FOR REMINDING ME OF THAT KAREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anita

Kathleen Grace said...

First of all, I had no idea you could get instruction from a genius for imac's! How cool is that! Secondly, I KNOW you can learn surface design. I'm struggling with it right now too, but there must be the instruction we need somewhere. You have come so far and tried so many new things Karen, and you have encouraged me to do the same! You have to be willing to fail to learn, and that's the tough part, but failure is just another lesson that makes us better:>) I believe in you!