The remains of the day inspiration

Well, Thanksgiving was pretty nice.

I had to make two different Thanksgiving dinners for my daughters and their beaus who were arriving on different days.

In between I drove to Vermont to visit my mom,  she is amazing at 85.

When I got back we had a bit of a flood in our kitchen.

No worries I just need to purchase a new faucet.  I just wish it hadn't happened as I was trying to serve the second Thanksgiving dinner.  Oh, who needs running water anyway?

I sat down with a cup of tea and reflected on the many dinners I have prepared for Thanksgiving over the years.

There were those chapters when I changed diapers in between basting my turkey.

Thanksgivings that arrived in foreign lands which required lots of creativity.

There were those Thanksgivings when I wore a size 5

Sarah, her bear, Ashley and lion king and me and my dolls

and then the later ones, hmmmm I won't say but I wear a larger size now.

I'll just mention that during Change of life, the kitchen did seem hotter while making Thanksgiving dinner.  And I was a bit more frazzled when the gravy didn't come out.

Then a few chapters later, there were those times when I worried about empty nest and sobbed my way through making the gravy.

God I had a big head!

Only to learn that they never truly leave, they just come back as different people.

 Now, my life has changed but it's funny how we can adjust.

Hidden joys can be found in any chapter really.

ashley and goat three
I know that things don't always stay the same.

The only thing that doesn't change is the turkey, and like the song says "I still believe in love"

Now I look forward to more memory-making next Thanksgiving.

The song for this post is from the amazing Carly Simon, Coming Around Again.

turkey cartoon

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Karen, this is true poetry. I will never know the CHANGES that occur as a mother...but life gives us so many opportunities to see that change, make adjustments and move are so talented, and thank you so much for this amazing inspiration. Anita

Vee said...

The turkey and the love...

Sweet, sweet post, Karen. Your daughters are lovely and I take it that the younger is planning a wedding? Oh my. Exciting times.

Now where was your mother enjoying her coffee? Not at Ben and Jerry's? It looks as if there's a factory in behind. I can see where all the gals are getting their good looks. She is a lovely lady as are you. Size 5...pshaww...highly overrated.

Thanks for a lovely post!

Kathleen Grace said...

Yes, the years change things don't they? We cn never know what God has in store for us, but there is joy in every day. I've done my share of empty nest crying, and found that the tearing away is hard, but I adjusted. Sorry about your faucet but so glad you were able to share Thanksgiving twice:>) God bless you Karen. This was a beautiful post.

T Opdycke said...

This post resonated with me and as I read your words I began to recollect my life through Thanksgiving dinners. Fascinating stuff.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh. I'm crying. You have expressed exactly what I have been feeling this year at Thanksgiving, Karen. From the very first dinner I cooked (I was 25 with a 2 yr. old and a newborn) to this last Thanksgiving - just Hubby & me as all our kids are grown and living elsewhere. Sigh.
Well, although you ended up cooking 2 dinners, I'm so glad you were able to see your kids! LOVE the photos! :)
Happy week to you!

Tina Eudora said...

Beautiful post Karen and so true in every way. I too have been through so many changes over the years and for the last few years I have had Thanksgiving alone and yet I still make a turkey! Some traditions just need to be kept!
Tina xo

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Karen,

Your daughters are lovely! Those photos are precious...

A very sweet post!

P.S. And no, I am not size 5 either and proud of it! LOL!


Suz said...

I just love this post! It has so much truth. For all the difficulties in life, al the changes, good still remains.
Thank you so much for your lovely note on my blog. I appreciated it a lot. We are now at Mayo for a drug trial and i think I have the flu.
Ah, life!

asignet5 said...

Karen, I enjoyed this post so, so much. Memories are so precious, and how fortunate and blessed are we who have good memories to hold close to our hearts. Your pictures are beautiful.

Dolores said...

Oh how I love this post!!! I see so much love in each of the pictures....
Yes, life does change..... but thankfully there's always sweet memories and love!

You have some classic and wonderful pictures of your girls....