Tinkered Treasure Inspiration

tinkered-treasures-sevenI have always loved magazines.

tinkered-treasures-sevenYears ago I never dreamed that someday when I read one that I would know the author of the article I was reading.

Thanks to blogging, I have met the most amazing gifted writers, artists, crafters, photographers and decorators.

Elyse Elizabeth Major is blessed with all of these gifts.

I first discovered Elyse from Tinkered Treasures two years ago when I fell in love with the frames that she was designing and selling on her etsy shop.

I asked her if I could use one of her beautiful frames on a print I wanted to sell in my shop.  She was so gracious and I was able to create with Elyse's tinkered inspiration.  Her Shabby Chic, cottage style made me realize I had found a kindred spirit.

Tinkered treasures is currently on vacation, but stay tuned.

Thanks to Elyse, it became a collaborated Creation between two etsians.  I never knew that it would mark the beginning of a wonderful blogging adventure over at her Cottage.

Over the years, she has introduced me to designers like Cath Kidson, wonderful creative ideas for my home, and interesting and amazing places to visit in New England.

Elyse has also introduced me great make it crafts, and new magazines where you can find articles written by her.  Her style has opened doors for her to be published in many magazines. And her press reveals many places where you can find Eylse today.

So, it was such a lovely surprise when I opened up the pages of the current Artful Blogging magazine and found Elyse.

tinkered-treasures-10She has written such a beautiful and heartfelt article in Stampington & Company's Artful Blogging magazine.  The article is KEEPERS OF MEMORY, our blogs and treasured friends.

tinkered-treasures-10Today is Pink Saturday, and Bev from How Sweet The Sound is hosting this event.

tinkered-treasures-10Please stop by and wish Elyse Congratulations.  If you haven't already subscribed to her lovely blog, you will truly enjoy her writing, photography and inspirational posts. The song for this post is taken from one of Elyse's favorite movies, You've Got Mail.

Anyone At All.

Elyse has presented many of these charming animated badges to her treasured bloggers. but perhaps the most treasured blogger of all is she!

cottage - treasured blogger

Duni said...

I love magazines! Especially interior decorating and crafting!
Her Etsy shop is just up my street :) Love the shabby chic style!!
Wish I could get my hands on that mag over here!!!

Elyse said...

how do i thank you, karen for this honor of a post?

i know. i thank you right back for all of your unyielding support, kindness and artistic inspiration. for your new england field trips. for our etsy collaboration. for so much more.

i am very touched and moved.

sending love and warmest thank yous!

happy pink saturday!!!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

This is a blessing to read dearest, for many reasons. I am reminded of the time it has taken to establish a blog, friendships and the courage to move even farther. AND this is a special message for me to realize that my new adventure with Etsy will have many life lessons for me. I am concerned that my sales have come to a stand still, but I do know that these things take time. I have faith and now by seeing your post, that these endeavors take TIME and connections.....thank you so much!!! Anita

NanaDiana said...

I found you through Elyse's blog. Isn't she the sweetest thing ever? I am so glad to meet you, Karen. Your blog is lovely and I am signing up as your newest follower. uh.oh. You will be stuck with all my crazy comments now! Hugs- Diana

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Karen, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! I will take your instructions and try this tomorrow; I am wiped out with a strange cold....but THANK YOU. You have helped me SO MUCH DEAREST...I have a lot to learn about Etsy, but I am learning also to be patient with myself and not think right away that this is not going to work...yesterday I was thinking it was all a delusion. But it won't be easy, but so far what I have sold, I am most grateful. MERCI MY KIND AND WONDERFUL FRIEND! Anita

Dolores said...

Karen .... you're always so gracious .... your inner and outer beauty always shines through in your words and your art work!

chubskulit said...

Simply beautiful!

My Pink, have a nice weekend!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Karen Sweetie...
Oh girl you have the most gorgeous share today. Congratulations to you and Elyse, you have both won with this share. You too, my sweet friend are a gorgeous gem, and I love seeing your beautiful shares each week. The creations that you find with your brushes are phenomenal. They take my breath away.

I love Elyse's frame and your beautiful painting. A gorgeous combination sweetie.

Once again, I am taken away by the beauty you had to share today. Have a beautiful weekend and Happy Pink Saturday sweetie. I look forward to seeing more and more of you and Elyse. She is truly a gem.

Country hugs and SO much love, Sherry

Ms. Burrito said...

Very pretty!

Would you mind visiting my PINK please? Thanks!

Suz said...

Lovely salute to Elyse!

Vee said...

And as excited about your dear friend as you are, I nearly keeled over to see Lynda Naranjo's name on the cover. I've got to get this magazine...guess it'll have to be from Amazon as all our bookstores are gone. Sigh. Anyway, congrats to Elyse and Lynda both! Sweet song!

Beverly said...

Ah, Karen. This is such a wonderful tribute to sweet Elyse. She is a true gem. And, so my friend, are you.

Happy Pink Saturday.♥

Kathleen Grace said...

I truly love Artful Blogging magazine, I'm running ove to meet Elyse right now. Thanks for the tip. Her frame and your gorgeous art make a beautiful pairing:>)