Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It might as well be Spring

Spring in New England is a very eclectic weather stream.  But this year it's amazing...Dogwood and Daffodils usually bloom mid to late April, and my white blossoms are more in bloom in May.

I ran out the other day to enjoy this eighty degree weather, grabbed my camera and captured Spring to take home.

Even my own white blossoming tree, should be blooming in May.  I just hope she has a coat to put on, this morning it's chilly out there.

Yes, one day it's lovely and unseasonably warm, the next day it's rainy and gray.

The day after I went to enjoy the lovely Spring weather, I went to the New Hampshire shore with my friend Joyce.

It was cold and rainy but I love that about New England.

We can expect shorts weather, a bit of snow or maybe just a brisk Spring day.  No matter what, I still have Spring fever.

Speaking of Spring fever, I am linking to a Spring Party over at Focusing On Life.   Claudia has posted a SPRING LINKING PARTY, on Focusing On Life.  Would you like to add your favorite Spring photo?  Or maybe you would just like to enjoy the Spring posts.  Either way, your invited to stop by and you too can have Spring fever.

The song for this post is from Rodgers and Hammerstein's State Fair, 1945.

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