The Inspiration for the Invention of Eloise Robot

My daughter manages a nearby restaurant, while attending college.  My husband and I went out to dinner Saturday night and had a delicious meal while enjoying her company.  We all had a lovely evening.

Spoonflower is having another weekly contest, only this week it will be a Robot Cheater Quilt.  "A what?"  Now you know me, and I am not a robot kind of gal.

Yet, while out to dinner, an idea kept whirling around the back of my mind.  I recently saw the movie Hugo and fell in love.  I had to research the author of the book The Invention of Hugo Cabret, Brian Selznick...he is fascinating.  He is a kindred spirit, because he is an artist, illustrator for children's books and has a heart for children.

Well, back to my story.  I started sketching on my paper placemat at the restaurant.  When I got home, I uploaded the image to the computer and Eloise Robot began to come to life.

It's like that sometimes.  The character actually introduces you to all the aspects of them.  So here's Eloise.  Each fabric square tells another little story about Eloise.  Eloise, kite flyer extraordinaire, crafter, collector of old keys, hourglass timer, fabulous dancer, and able to see over very tall objects.

Finally, here is the cheater quilt.  I called the quilt Eloise Robot Cheater Quilt.  We were asked to design this on a yard measuring 42" by 36", but you can order many yards and then sew and quilt the fabric.  Fun, huh?  Well, I am glad that I took the challenge.  After all Eloise would never have been born.

The nicest part about Eloise is that she will forever be a bookmark to memories of a lovely evening.  Of course there were so many designs I had to create a collection.

Eloise Robot Collection

Eloise just showed me her hourglass timer.  I better get out of my pajamas and enter the real world.  Oh, Eloise wishes you all a very lovely day.
Joyce said...

Love her! Super cute. Can't wait to get home. I've found a new place for us to go craft supply shopping! See you next week.

Jo-Anne's Rambling said...

Wow what a story and Eloise is looking good she has turned out pretty great

Vee said...

Nice to meet you, Eloise. If you're half as wonderful as your creator, you're an amazing gal all right!

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Oooooh I am in love with her!!

I loved Hugo too. Loved all the mechanisms and especially the cinematography!

I remembered just the other day, how when I was young all I scetched were young girls with big eyes. I was obsessed with eyes. Now I am venturing off asking myself what I have always loved... Wouldn't you know I am excited to start really focusing on beautiful women... And guessed it!!! EYES.

You amaze me daily. I have to figure out a way to win the lottery and come live near you!



Kathleen Grace said...

Eloise is so charming! Isn't it funny, I often have the best ideas when I am in a relaxed atmosphere haveing a good time.I thnk it frees our mind to create somehow. I love the different patterns you used to build her too:>)

Sarah said...

Karen, I'm totally smitten with Eloise. You are amazing. Are these fabrics going to be available for purchase? Let me know the details. I see a project coming on. ~ Sarah

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Karen dear, I missed this yesterday, but the colors are just STUNNING! AQUA and black? Fabulous! I can always count on YOU to combine colors that I would have never thought of, but now LOVE!


T Opdycke said...

What a charming little robot girl. Oh to have a little girl again. You create such sweet fabrics.