French Vintage Inspiration

Vintage inspiration is all over my art room upstairs.  Notions, trims and all things Vintage.  I have many books in my art room that have beautiful French inspiration.

I recently bought a book called The Flea Markets of France by Sandy Price.  This little book has truly been inspiring.  It gives you all the places to find specific kinds of Vintage treasures, as well as tips for traveling and shopping in the markets.

I purchased this book at Nesting on Main.  The owner of the shop told me that when she goes to France to shop the markets, she rents an apartment there.  sigh.  Here's a web site with apartments for rent in Paris.

What I wouldn't give to be there.  Evidently according to the book this time of year is ideal for the markets.

Have you ever seen the French Country Guest Cottage owned by My French Country Home blog.  I love her new post about shopping the markets in Nice.

Some favorite ephemera.  There's my French Script that I used to create all my French script fabric.  And in the back corner is my French homework that I used for some fabric.

Pink Roses and that little book make me smile.

I have been trying to list some new finds in my shop.  I found a stash of crochet thread and some sweet notions.

Isn't this little sewing box sweet?  I put this on my Aunt Adelaide's Attic on etsy.

Another wonderful and inspirational book is Paris Made By Hand.  I first discovered the author, Pia Jane Bijkerk in the magazine Mollie Makes.

In the book she travels all over Paris and lets you peek into the most magnificent shops.  This little trio of silk thread is made in Holland, it's also just been listed on Aunt Adelaide's Attic.

Springtime in New England is when the shops begin to have an abundance of new finds.  Soon Brimfield's will be lining the streets with their Antique market in May.  If I can't go to France, at least I can visit my favorite French vendors at Brimfield's.

Although I would love to photograph the flower markets in Paris like Georgianna Lane, I'll be going to a show this weekend for Miniatures, and next week is the Flower Show in Boston.  I can't see pink roses and not think of Georgianna.  Her blogs, especially her Paris blog, her shops, her recent article in Artful Blogging.  Her photography is a dream and she lives in a dreamy part of the world.

This is my little French miniature room, I use for designing fabric for a doll house.  A favorite blog.
Petite Brocante, about miniatures is also French.
The song for this post is some French inspiration sung by Stacy Kent.  I love her voice.

Sarah said...

Karen, I have these books and love to pull them out often. I'm a long time fan of shopping the French markets! These little books take me back to the markets and the shopping the little special places in Paris. Oh, I do love that city! Great post! ~ Sarah

T Opdycke said...

What a lovely French post. Your collection of vintage of French is charming indeed. I followed several of your links and discovered more beauty. Thank you for sharing.

Kathleen Grace said...

I have always dreamed of going to the flea markets in France! Can you imagine? There must be things there we would never see anywhere else. Your photos are so beautiful and I am intrigued by your links Karen. Now I have to go explore some of the pretty places you are talking about:>) Have a great day!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT THINGS!!!!! And the photos are well are breathtaking dearest Karen!!!! BONNE JOURNÉE! Anita

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Flea Market Makeovers said...

Beautiful inspiration Karen! I was lucky enough to shop a couple of Paris Fleas a few years ago. I wish I could have spent days there and shipped crates home! Both of those books look wonderful.

Maggie said...

My dear friend Sarah and I have a lot in common, a love of Paris, brocantes and Quimper pottery are just three of them.
This is a delightful post and makes me want to hop on a train right now!
When you go to Brimfield look out for another friend of ours, Ann Marie O'Neill with her wonderful Quimper for sale. Tell her Maggie & Sarah said "hi"!

Beverly said...

Karen, this beautiful post made me sigh and smile.♥ Thank you for sharing.

Dolores said...

Shopping at a flea market in Paris would be a dream.

Thanks for your beautiful inspirations!

NanaDiana said...

Karen- What beautiful pictures here. I love those little books and how I wish I could visit Paris in person. I am off to visit some of your links! xo Diana

Vee said...

Oh lovely! It always is so lovely here in your world with your discussion of script and flowers and fabric. The Boston Flower Show is next week? Have great fun and do take lots of pictures and share.

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Dreamy goodness, friend! Thanks for this treasure of a post and for the music to put on my spotify!!! I love it! Blessings, Amy

Deanna said...

As always, your post was a feast for the eyes and heart. You brought beauty to my day and for that I am thankful.