Wednesday, April 04, 2012



This week I was feeling so angry.  Anger about injustice, people stealing, greed.  But It was unusual that I was feeling this angry.  I spend every day surrendering that sort of thing.

Then I remembered last year and this post...


"I could feel my blood pressure rising and I could find no outlet for my emotions.

I sat blasting my worship music and trying my hardest to rid myself of the anger.

So many thoughtless people.

So much unkindness seemed to find it’s way to me this week.

Why is it so hard for people to be kind?

Why are people so busy trying to be in the “in crowd” that they have forgotten small acts of kindnesses to include the newcomer?

Why would family hurt family members?  Why in the world would anyone reject the rejected?  

I just had a week of too many encounters with harshness and witness to wrong thinking.

I tried to look around to find some kindness.

I opened up my blog and read the lovely comments, which felt like a soothing balm.  
I went to visit Chris Graham of Gratitude, Hope and Inspiration.  Her post was about this thought provoking song Blessings by Laura Story.  Thank you so much Chris.

The anger began to leave me as I read her words,


and then I found the song.

The words grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me around.  I knew that I would share this song today and I would write my words.

So, I will allow the Lord to turn what made me angry into a blessing today, and comfort myself knowing that everything I had endured this week made me remember...


this is not our home, and it wasn't His either.

As this song changed my thought's direction, I felt worship instead of anger."

Daisy Cross

Yes, I feel so  much better today.  I don't know why but Holy week and Good Friday always make my nerves raw.  I guess it's just because I love Jesus so much, and my spirit grieves for what we did to Him. And maybe because we still have so much to learn.

And then I remember Easter Sunday and what a gift.  If it weren't for Easter I wouldn't even have a heart for Christ.

This song Blessings, continues to teach me lessons.  Chris has another lovely post about Easter, stop by and read her post and listen to her lovely music.

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