Sunday, April 29, 2012

London Inspiration

As I have mentioned on a few of my recent posts, I have been in love with Susan Branch's blog.  She is on her way to England and sailing away.  Every post that she writes is a postcard that you want to read.  I love the way that she writes, and she always has music to match her post.  I love that!

The last time Susan and her husband were in England was in 2004.  That was the year I went to London and fell in love with the country.  I loved London and I loved the countryside too.  At the time of our trip, I had two close friends living there, which made it ever so much more magical and comfortable.

It didn't come as a surprise that I would love everything English,  I had such a wonderful introduction while living in Hong Kong.

My daughters attended a little British school there, and I met so many wonderful women from the UK through that experience.

Or I should say whilst living abroad.  This photo was taken from riding on the London Eye.  Quite a view.

Needless-to-say I have been reminiscing  and I pulled out some photos from that trip.  Before I bore you to tears, I have a wonderful new resource to share.  I downloaded the app to my mac, they have a version for the iPad and the iPhone.

It's called Romantic Photo, sigh.  This post holds some samples of this lovely editor's photo effects.  Here is a sample of what it looks like on my computer.

Oooh, where did I get that lovely desktop wallpaper?  From Ann Geddes of course.  Isn't it wonderful that we are all on board for this app train?  I have always been a fan of Anne's work, and now she has a new project that she is working on, called Anne's Pregnancy Project.

This photo of us with the Queen and the Princes was taken at Madame Tussauds, London.

How cool is it that little Ashley will have her own new little Prince soon.  I signed up for the Anne Geddes  newsletter because I am going to purchase her new app for creating a book for my little grandson.  The book app is called "My First Five Years" I love the way "my grandson" sounds.  Even though he isn't expected to arrive until August, I thought it would a nice shower gift for my daughter.

I didn't have the fun way of adding textures and mosaics back when I took this photo, but that's the wonderful thing about this virtual world of ours.  Now we can go back and restore photos that we thought were terrible.


Today is Mosaic Monday, and I want to join Mary at Little Red House for more Mosaic adventures.  Oh, and the music, a favorite of mine.  Since I have been traveling down memory lane, I pulled this one out of the recesses of my mind from the 60's.  It too seems dreamy to me.

Lovely Resources.  Of course the wonderful Sarah Gardner is also from the UK and I have used her glorious frames in this post too.  Doodle Frame borders is from Sonya DeHart's Designs.

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