Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Writing a Story Inspiration

I love the way a photograph can lead me through the maze inside my mind.

Passed the "to do list" and down through the corridors where all "the shoulds" live.

The photographs becomes the priority as I brush passed all that might distract me.  Finally I reach the place where imagination begins.

It is there that I find the beginning of a story.

When we were in school, we wrote stories all the time.  Our imagination was easy to reach because we were in the habit of going there for class assignments.

It's such a lovely trip to visit your imagination.  It's a great way to relax and find the place where the little child in you lives, waiting to come out and play.

Take out a favorite photo and let that photo or two lead you far into your imagination.  I promise that is where all the stories live.  It's a dangerous exercise though, because "the shoulds" and the "to do list" could distract you along the way.

Keep going, you're almost there.  Music also helps to make the trip easier.  Your photos hold the key to the beginning of a story.

Storytime, I loved listening to stories being read when I was little, and later on, reading stories to my own children.

Did you like telling stories and writing stories? Do you still write stories?

If not, let the music take you far away, this is where you can find the story.

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