Daylily Inspiration

This time of summer, I love driving down the country roads lined with Tiger Lilies.

The Daylily is one of my favorite flowers. I have several different kinds and colors in my garden.

And I love to bring them inside for me to enjoy.  The little glass vase just holds one Daylily, and I love how it embraces the shape of the flower.  I purchased that little vase at the Golden Skep Farm in Berlin, Massachusetts.  I wrote about the farm on a previous post.

I hope that you had a lovely Fourth of July, and you got to see some fireworks.

It's a beautiful day outside today.  I thought I would start my day with music by Mindy Gledhill.  I have a sunny day today, with a warm summer breeze blowing.  I think I will take my camera with me and go exploring.

I hope that you have an awesome day.

The photos on this post were taken by me, so please take home any image for a little Daylily inspiration.

Lovely Resources

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Snap said...

The beautiful day lilies are all the fireworks I need! Gorgeous, Karen and I love the glass vases.

T Opdycke said...

Such summery photos of the bright day lily. Your day lily vase is so lovely. At first I thought you'd somehow encased a day lily in ice. Delightful post!

Blondie's Journal said...

I love daylilys, too, and have them all over my backyard! I LOVE your little vases!

Enjoy your day, it sounds like you have wonderful plans!


Vee said...

It is a delight to see all the lilies about. I enjoy them very much, though I have known of some who found them too common. Your vase has reminded me that somewhere in this house I have a purple one given to me by my mother. Suddenly, I want to find it very much!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello there most generous friend!

I was just thinking of you early this morning, and wondering what ADVENTURES you have been up to during these fabulous special summer months. AND THERE YOU ARE!!!!!

Karen, your color combinations here are winners for me. I had never been a person to be attracted to ORANGE, or a colorist for that matter when it came to art or home décor. But these daylily images are magnificent and remind me of the LIFE that exists not only in the flower, but in these colors that I recognize in Indian culture...the beautiful saris and veils that women wear....THERE IS LIFE in color and when certain combinations are made, there is even more life. YOU know how to do this....

Thank you for your visit; it means a lot to me to see you stop by.

Have a relaxing evening, Anita

NanaDiana said...

What a beautiful post, Karen. I, too, love lilies of all kinds. I am going to dig up some at my brother-in-law's house as soon as the heat breaks. I plan to plant them all along the top of the shoreline by the bay. Yours are gorgeous and I LOVE that vase. xo Diana

Dolores said...

So many beautiful pictures!!!! I'm a lover of Day Lillie's too.
I have some blooming now, but i dont have a cute little vase, Im thinking i need a small,vase.

Susie Jefferson said...

Ooh, LOVE LOVE LOVE these pix! Happy Pink Saturday from a cold and raining UK - these have really cheered me up, lol.

LV said...

An absolutely stunning presentation.

Robyn said...

I also love daylilies and marvel at gardens filled to bursting with them. YOur little glass flower vase is so unique and I have to say, 'I want it!" ha, ha. Hope you have a fun Pink Saturday!

Georgianna said...

Beautiful and cheerful and oh, so perfect for a summer's day. Lovely, Karen!

My day lilies are just beginning to open and I so look forward to their bright colors.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Magnolia Cottage said...

Hi Karen,
I love your day lilies! Your photo's are beautiful. Happy Pink Saturday!

The Shop Around the Corner said...

Absolutely beautiful, Karen. Love how you alter your images. So creative and inspiring.
Have a beautiful day, love.