Memorize the snow on a tangerine

Today is the golden tomorrow that you dreamed of yesterday...I love those words.

They remind me that when we get our wish, 

our dream comes true,

or our prayer is answered...

We have to take time to memorize that moment

be thankful

and cherish the way it makes us feel.

My mother always taught me to take time and memorize the special moments.  She often told the story about Snow on a tangerine:

One Christmas when my mother was a little girl, she was sitting on the front steps leading to her door.  It had begun to snow and Doris was busy watching the snowflakes fall.  It was so quiet, the way snow cushions the sound.  Her mother opened the door and handed Doris a tangerine.  It had been peeled ever so slightly, so that she could peel the rest.  The snow continued to fall and in her mitten she watched as snow fell on her tangerine.  She said that the snow made it taste even better.

Eighty years later and she can still bring back that memory so vividly in her mind.  She said that it was the first of many times that she was aware that something special was happening.  She taught herself to be in the moment when those special times happened.  It was the life lesson that she would use to get her through the difficult chapters.  Most of all it would be the wisdom that she would impart to many including myself.

"take time to memorize the special moments."

Stand still at the moment you feel the knowing that this moment is worth memorizing.  Embrace the taste, smells, sounds and sights around you as if you were able to capture it's essence.  On those days when everything is so beautiful, stay up a bit later and cherish it's gift.

Memorize the snow on a tangerine

John said...

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Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Karen,

What a great inspiring post!
I hope you are well.


Vee said...

There have been moments recognized just that way...only I'd not have had the words to share them. Thank your sweet mama for me and thank you!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Karen this brought tears to my eyes because my Mother used to tell me how special it was to be given an orange as a treat at Christmas time! My Mother and your mother were probably around the same age. Your Mother's saying is so true -- if we stop to savor the sweet moments in life they remain forever beautiful memories!

Thank you for this sweet post!

Dolores said...

i'm crying.... snow on the tangerine, I've never heard this story. So sweet!

Yes, I've learned to appreciate and relish the small things. Today when I went to see David, and I said, "I love you".... for the first time in 5 days, he uttered 2 words...."thank you".... which made my day.

Sarah said...

Take time to memorize special moments. I love this! Thanks for sharing, Karen.

Marilyn said...

Karen, thanks for sharing such an inspirational story. I so enjoy your blog for your images, stories and the artistic way you put them together in a composition.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My dear and wonderful Karen,

It is so heartwarming to come back to Blogland after a week off. I was entertaining an old high school friend. Talk about MEMORIZING the snow on a tangerine.....the memories she stored up after all these years were something that she gifted to me on her visiting me. Special moments are made and some of them never melt away such as snow on a tangerine, but remain as great moments in time.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You wrote this so beautifully. I kept it up to read again but realized today that I didn't comment. It's SO important to celebrate every day events that mean something to us. These are what shape us and change our lives! What a wonderful lesson to learn.