Friday, August 24, 2012

RJ inspiration

Coming up for air.   I never realized what a whirlwind it is when you are the Grandmother of a new baby.  Thank you so much for your comments and well wishes.  I was checking the computer in the hospital to get my blogging oxygen.

hospital newborn photo

Trying to stay airborne, I have been running too and fro the hospital and now I am going over to visit my daughter daily.  She cannot drive for two weeks because of the C-section.

moments after RJ arrived

In-between I just have to say that the Newton Wellesley Hospital was an amazing experience.  The doctors and nurses were amazing.  I thought being a Grandma would make me feel old.  Instead it has brought back that old wonderful feeling of being in my comfort zone.  I'm a Mister Rogers, juice box, comfy cozy blankets kind of gal.   I love being a mother.  Seeing my daughter be a great mom already is an amazing experience.

My daughter, Sarah is thrilled.  She can't get to hold him enough.

My daughter Sarah and little RJ
As I have been returning home to find parcels of fabric for customers that need to be shipped, stacked on my table as I crash into bed.   I have been trying to keep up with laundry, processing orders on my computer and things around here, and I marvel at those bloggers who can still post daily.

Ricky and his little ones.

Look at these cuties above.  Not only do I have a wonderful new grandson, but I get to play with Ricky's daughters Kailyn and Ashley.   RJ is a dream baby, and Ashley and Ricky are naturals at taking care of him.

Now I will get to play with photographing RJ.  A new toy, better than a new blue balloon.

the first birth day

Wishing you a beautiful day.  RJ is ready to roll and guess what?   Now I have an excuse to ride the merry-go-round again.

leaving the hospital
I did had some time last night to make a few scrapbook pages, and one that matched this beautiful lullaby by Jewel.

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