Monday inspiration

I have been posting lots of different things lately.  For today, I thought I would start off the week, just sharing some pretty pictures.

Kim just gave us some pretty pastel textures on her Test Kitchen.  I love the aqua one.  This is something I posted on Facebook last Wednesday.  My geraniums looked better last week before we had this heatwave.

I went to a baby shower for my daughter Sarah's friend Amanda on Saturday.  I snapped this photo of Sarah and Ashley...Ashley is ready to pop any minute now.

I had Amanda and Ashley stand back to back for the perfect silhouette.  Amanda is due in two months and she is having a boy too.

Here's Amanda's flowers and favors.  The favors were cupcakes decorated with icing that looked just like the Hydrangeas.

I was smitten with this little girl at the shower.  She is one of Amanda's nieces.  Isn't she beautiful?

It always amazes me how people always smile when I snap a photo.  I thought it might be fun to do a group shot like we do for weddings.

So, wishing you a beautiful Monday.  I have lots of things on my "To Do List" but I might just play hookie.

Mindy Gledhill sings Hourglass.  I have always loved this song, it's about her little boy.  Now, I'll have a reason soon to play this song often.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Karen,

How WONDERFUL to see your family! AND A BOY? YIPPEEEEE! You are going to be the best grand mère!!!! Lovely aquas, as usual my dear! Oh, go to my Etsy shop to see my latest French dress! Anita

T Opdycke said...

What a delightful post. I love the idea of just pretty on Monday. We need these days of pretty.

Love your Lily Elephant collection of fabrics. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me.

Vee said...

Ashley's still grinning! What a long, hot summer for her (and her friend). Thinking of you all as this exciting time is so very soon. It is always lovely to welcome a baby into the family.

Very lovely backgrounds that perfectly complement your beautiful photos.

Hope that you do get to play hookie.

Snap said...

Loved the whole post ... especially seeing your family! What joy!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My dear Karen,

I so appreciate you going to my Etsy shop. I am at this moment trying to make my next blog post, which is in haste since I have ANOTHER guest coming to stay the week with me. My idea however, hinges upon the notion of what I feel you are saying to me about my creations...I have been FEELING this way about my art for a while....I cannot "confine" my art to illustrating, for one, I am not that GREAT at it, but I am good a taking the ideas up a couple of notches to other "dimensions" so with that said, your comment to me has been an idea I have been playing with. I was very fortunate enough to find a buyer for my last dress and ALL the shoes I was quite a large transaction, and I am well aware that my more expensive items may be desired, but not affordable. HOWEVER, the card idea has passed my mind and IS IN MY MIND, but your suggestion comes at the perfect time. I must investigate this link you shared because that is what I want to do...make my art affordable and beyond.

You are such a great friend to come by. WISHING YOU A FABULOUS DAY! Anita

Sarah said...

Looks like a full weekend! Fun to see your family photo. Is that your family sailing? Great shot!
Enjoy your day. I vote for "playing hookie." ~ Sarah