Simple Gifts, a cup of coffee and a nice piece of Cumb Cake.

I sneak into the kitchen, pour a cup of coffee and take out one of my favorite magazines to read.  I have been smitten with Somerset Life magazine since the first issue was published.  Stampington and Co. certainly has gorgeous magazines.

In fact I have quite a collection ready anytime to keep me company with a nice cup of coffee.  Maybe even a piece of crumb cake like my Grandmother used to make.  My Grandmother was from New York, and I found a recipe for New York Style Crumb Cake.

I recently discovered Stampington and Company's blog called Somerset Place.

No matter which issue of the Somerset collection, I am always inspired at the beautiful pages filled with work from all of our friends in the Land of Blog.

Simple gifts make me smile.

Billy Holiday sings Easy Living.  When I bought that crumb cake, I loved that the box was wrapped in bakery string.  Grandma used to have cake and bread delivered to our home by Dugan's Bakery.  Memories of Grandma joined me while I ate the cake and sipped my coffee.

She made the best apple pie and yummy coffee too.

Lovely Resources

The cup of coffee and spoon painting is by my sister Susan.  The photo is of my Grandma as a baby.
Sarah said...

Karen, I popped over to see what crumb cake is. I've never heard it called that. Our family always called this coffee cake. ;-) Looks delicious! Enjoy your beautiful magazines and little coffee treat.~ Sarah

Kathleen Grace said...

Oooh, they have a blog? I have to check it out:>) I love the darling baby picture of your grandmother and your sister paints too? Her painting is wonderful:>) I don't think I've ever had crumb cake.

Snap said...

The Land of Blog -- such nice people there! :D :D Beautiful as always! Love the simple gifts you share with us. Crumb Cake --- yum!

Vee said...

Awww...what a cute way to represent that grandma was going to grow up to make delicious apple pies and great coffee! Crumb those used to be around all the time and I haven't even thought of them in forever. Did it hold up to memory?

Thanks for the link to the Somerset blog.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning my dear friend!!!!!

It feel so good to be back in Blogland; I had a beloved family reunion here at my house for a week straight but today, it is time to get back into the creative mindset and start planning. I have the links you sent me and it is time to make some plans. THANK YOU for all of the encouragement you give me my dear.....have a wonderful day! Anita

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen. I've been meaning to stop by, but it has been a non-stop weekend with a much-needed-rest Sunday. :)

I absolutely love crumb cake. Our daughter makes an AMAZING blueberry crumb cake. A cup of coffee, favorite magazine and delicious food, how wonderful to enjoy such simple pleasures. I take delight in the very simplest of things too.
Love your photo edited roses in your next post too. Gorgeous!

Missed your music today. I always turn mine down for yours, but for some reason the sound is not working today. Oh well, that just means I'll have to stop by later again. tee-hee ;)

PS-You wouldn't happen to have a New York style cheesecake recipe, would you? I could google one, but I think it's more special this way.

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Karen,

Is there any cake left?! I love apple pie. Would you post your grandma's recipe?