Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

We were so lucky, and we never lost power at all.  If you look at the turn the storm made, the Boston area was spared the devastation that could have occurred.  I haven't seen what happened in Nantucket, but it looks like the damages on Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard weren't as bad.  The North Shore was hit worse, but it pales in comparison to what we have all been watching on the news.

Thank you for your well wishes and prayers.

I am originally from Long Island, and I lived in Manhattan and worked downtown for four years.  Then I moved to New Jersey.  I grew up going to the beach on Long Beach watching my boyfriend surf.  Our family spent summers in Coney Island and as kids growing up in Long Island, Jones Beach was a familiar place.  When I lived in New Jersey, I spent many summers at the Jersey shore and the devastation is like something you only see in the movies.

I woke up this morning so saddened about all the people without power, and who have lost their homes.  As I watch the news, my heart is heavy.

Knowing the spirit of the people that were hit with this storm, I know that they will be strong and rebuild.  The miracle stories will emerge, reminding us all why we are proud to be Americans.

As I watched people patiently waiting on line for gas in Long Island, and the amazing men and women who rescue, I was reminded why I love our country and it's people.

I have to be honest, that this election had begun to turn me off completely.  With the ugliness of this campaign, I had lost heart.

This storm has reminded me of the passion that our elected officials and our government has for protecting all of us.  My heart has been renewed, as I listen to the Mayor of Hoboken walking the streets and worrying about her people; how tired and weary yet vigilant the Governor of New York, and New Jersey are in their attempt to get the necessary help that the people need.

This storm has made all of us be reminded of what is truly important.  No matter which team we are on, we are all the same and it's the people that matter most.

Life Wins.
While we were weathering the storm, I designed some fabric designs.  I thought you might enjoy a calendar for 2013.

If you would like any of the images on this post for your personal use, please take them home.

Stay safe.   I know that our prayers will help lift up the people,  who have been touched by Hurricane Sandy.

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