Christmas inspiration

I was in search for Christmas inspiration.  So, I headed to the book store to see what I could find.

I found Matthew Mead's Christmas magazine filled with lovely inspiration.  I love Matthew Mead's design ideas for the holidays.

Browsing through the magazine I discovered familiar colors.  One of my favorite shops on the Cape is featured.  The Spotted Cod.  I wrote about this lovely shop on another post I called A Recipe For Inspiration.

I love the shades of sea greens and nautical inspirations.  The article is called Christmas on the Cape.

I called the Spotted Cod to say congratulations and I found out that Matthew Mead will be there on December 1st signing copies of his new Christmas book.

The Spotted Cod

153 Main Street
Sandwich, Massachusetts

These lovely backgrounds are also a wonderful Christmas Inspiration find.  Sonya DeHart is so generous, with her gorgeous graphic designs.  I have been having so much fun using her designs to mix with some Christmas designs I am working on this my new header.

It's Beginning to look alot like Christmas

I added a link to the Red Cross Rescue Fund for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  It's really easy, they even accept Paypal.  Let's remember a Christmas gift for these people through the Red Cross donations.

P.S.  RJ Christmas inspiration
My daughter took little RJ over to family to trick or treat.  There's a friend of the family who dresses up each year like Santa.  And reminds all the boys and girls to be mindful because Christmas is just around the corner.  Ashley snapped this photo when he held RJ.  She is using it as her Christmas card this year.

Vee said...

Oh her card will be a huge hit this year! Such a darling photo.

My grandsons' family on the distaff side is from Cape Cod. They love traveling through Sandwich and find it highly amusing that a town is named "sandwich." I'll have to share this with my daughter-in-law to see if she knows this location.

Pretty aquas for Christmas I see. I'm so out of the loop.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Karen, just dropping to say "hi." For some reason (probably the device I'm using) I can't get your pictures to load. I will have to come back later, but I'm leaving you a big hug in my wake...



myletterstoemily said...

what a sweet Christmas card!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh how beautiful.....your work is seasoned and full of many years of consistent shaping. Karen, you inspire me all the time!!! Anita

Dolores said...

The shades of green are so soft and beautiful.
What precious picture for a Christmas card. Christmas will be fun at your home with your sweet grandson.