Sunday, October 21, 2012

Love Inspiration

I took a ride on Sunday to Sandwich, Massachusetts on the Cape.

I am so in love with the way this town holds so many interesting points of view.

I love Sandwich.  It is the most charming little town and the oldest town on Cape Cod.

While I was in Sandwich, my daughter and her boyfriend, Mike  were at the Old Grist Mill in Sudbury taking photos of her friends.  I am so proud of Sarah, she is so wonderful and creative at posing people and quite the photographer.

I love that swans mate for life.  As I was admiring the swans today I thought of the song Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.  A great song to slow dance to, and one of my favorites.  What's your favorite song to slow dance to, each romantic song brings back so many lovely memories doesn't it?

sigh, young love...I had to share Sarah's photos with you.  This cute couple looks so in love, they just got engaged.

Her friends are going to be thrilled with their photographs.  By the way a trip to the Cape isn't complete without staying for the sunset.  I  brought one home for you.

Why all the mosaics you might ask?  It's Mosaic Monday at Little Red House and Mary always shares amazing photographs.  So, if you are as nuts about photography as I am, stop by and see all the inspirational mosaics.

P.S.  Speaking of love's little RJ in the arms of his mom, Ashley.

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