Hello Inspiration

Oh, it's late, but I love this time of night because the house is quiet.  Even Cocoa and Samantha, my dogs know that it's too late to scratch to go outside.  So, no telephone ringing, no interruptions at all.

I was actually able to go visit a few blogs.  Now I absolutely adore Vee from A Haven For Vee and I visited her this evening.  What a wonderful post, and I loved that she did a little video at the end of her post.  I loved hearing her voice and seeing her sweet hubby.

I have been thinking about doing a video of something or other.  So, if you start seeing videos popping up from time to time, please know that Vee inspired me.

I created this treasury, I called Wishes and Dreams.  My lovely friend Anita, and Judy are in there.  So many beautiful treasures, and so little time.

I've been in a daydreaming kind of mood.  I can't seem to stop designing, and Oh I have been having so much fun.

Don't look now but your fairy Godmother just turned your cell phone into a ball gown.

In the process of designing cases and things, I discovered a new fad.  They are the cutest ever little plugs that you put in the hole where your headphones go.

Chocolate cupcakes for everyone!

Squeal, look at this little cupcake.  I was so inspired that I designed a cupcake iPhone case.

Alice in Wonderland, this is from an original watercolor painting.  But look at the cutest ever little bunny charm.

I always wanted to do window dressing, and having a little Etsy shop gives me the opportunity to dress to my hearts content.

You know that old story about the cobblers children not having any shoes, well... I have an iPhone 4, the iPhone 5's aren't in stock at my telephone shop until December.  I know if you hit the Apple store right, you might get lucky, but who has the time?

My iPhone has been a problem for months now.  Sometimes it just goes dead, other times people will start screaming in the phone in a middle of a conversation "hello, HELLO."  I know, I know, it's kind of funny providing customers with new designs and I have a broken phone.

I thought if I have to pay for a replacement, I might as well wait for the iPhone 5 to be available.  It might be an advantage to be able to photograph my cases in that model too.  Also, it would be nice for the person on the other end of my conversation to actually hear me.

I have a bunch of things on the drawing board, and meet my new friend Jasmine of Jasmine T Creations.  Designer of these lovely plugs.  I just ordered more cupcakes and a new crown.

Etsy just created a new feature for you to write about your shop.  Here is the new ABOUT page for my French Script Fabric shop,

 My new creative adventure sure has made me realize that

My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now

Wishing you a day filled 
with daydreams
 and bluebirds.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dearest heart!

WOW. I am hit with a double wammy of love this morning, first to find your Etsy treasury and myself included there, then to come HERE to see it again. Every item on that list is so beautiful, and I thank you for including me. There is so much to learn about Etsy, treasuries and combining such wonderful pieces together!

DEAREST KAREN, that photo of the house overlooking the water...that is JUST A GORGEOUS PHOTO! May I have permission to take that photo and use it on my sidebar with a link to your blog or Etsy shop?????

I never like taking photos from friends/photographers that I know, without asking permission. It is just fabulous, but all your work is, so it is hard to choose!

Let me know. I would love to have you on my sidebar.

LOVE and many thanks, Anita

Vee said...

Wow! You sent me all over creation and I loved every minute. Those plugs for the I-phone are so creative and cute and different. I've not seen anything like that. And I really enjoyed reading more about the work you're doing and seeing your fantastic fabrics. They are truly gorgeous and unique.

Thanks for the link love. You know what? I love you, too!

myletterstoemily said...

your iPhone cases are treasures that my girls would love!

i was enchanted by the photo by the sea with all
the gorgeous blue/greens.

Dolores said...

Here's a triple Wow, I love your pictures, your art work and your words are always magic!

Anonymous said...

Every single detail is scrumptious as usual, Karen. You are truly an inspiration; very befitting blog title. :)
Have a lovely weekend.
Much love,

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love these new creations, too! I still have an old phone but I sure love all of the fun things for the new ones! The charms are cute as can be! You always amaze me!