Music, Miniatures and Something Found


I have had numerous music playlists since I started blogging.  Sooner or later they all have a glitch.  So, you might notice my blog is quiet today.  Not for long, I love sharing music to reflect the mood of my post.  Perhaps some people would prefer quiet.  So, instead of an automatic player, I will be sharing a music video at the beginning of each post.

I will miss my sweet playlist, but I guess it gives me an opportunity to share my favorite soundtracks with you, like this one from Letters to Juliet.  I never could hear my playlist on my iPad, but I tested this and if you are using an iPad you can hear the music by clicking the arrow.  Just click play if you would like a bit of music.


I just love miniatures and the people who create them.  I have written about Toni from Mostly Minis on Etsy before.  Look at those tiny envelopes that she created using my fabric design.

Of course she covered this little chair with the matching fabric.  When I saw that she had created this lovely treasure using my fabrics, I couldn't resist.  So I had to add it to my own doll house treasures.

Toni has a new blog, so if you would like to stop by and say hi, and click on her sidebar if you want to enter more miniature heaven.

Something Found

I had such a lovely surprise from Pinterest.  A while back when Pinterest was having some issues, I deactivated my account.

Recently I started a new account karenhcox.  Every time I would pin something on my new account, I would miss the inspiration boards I had created for KarenHarveyCox Designs.  This morning I received a note, changed my password and reactivated my favorite account on Pinterest.

Here's a sample of one of my favorite boards.

I have so many pretty boards, and it was so fun to look through them again.  I love it when you find something you thought had been lost forever.  Please follow me either on karenhcox or KarenHarveyCox Designs on Pinterest, I would love to see your boards and follow you too.

Before I close and wish you a lovely day, let me also share a little photo of my favorite little man, RJ.

Snap said...

RJ just gets cuter and cuter! Love the minis.

Blondie's Journal said...

Those little envelopes and the chair pad in your fabrics are just precious! Thanks for the link to Toni's and also your Pinterest info. I just joined myself and I'm having so much fun!

Oh, that RJ is so cute and just growing like crazy! :)


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

teeheee...and the most precious miniature of all is at the end.

But those shabby chic minis are JUST FANTASTIC, Karen! And you see why I use Youtube for music? I love adding that element to my story telling, but all of the playlists out there have been having some problems, so I like your choice for today! Happy day my dear. Anita

Beverly said...

Just look at that sweetie! Love that face.

I love the music and the miniatures, Karen.