Pink Bouquet Inspiration

My mom used to have this huge cookbook when I was little.  When I opened it up, the inside pages were covered in roses and hydrangeas.  To this day I get such a thrill when I see bouquets of pink roses and hydrangeas.

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I was lost in photographing bouquets of pink flowers when I thought of you.

Bev, from How Sweet The Sound hosts Pink Saturday inspiration every week. So, I am linking up to share in our love of the color pink.

Then I got to thinking,  about creating a downloadable card filled with pink inspiration.

Your Pink Inspiration card measures 5" by 5".  This is shown as the front and the back of the card.  Here is the link to your downloadable Pink Inspiration.

Just print it out on an 8.5" x 11" letter size card stock and trim.  When you fold your card in half, the front will look like this, and the back will say "especially for you."  The inside is left blank for your own sentiments.

Sigh, pink roses and hydrangeas...

Meet me in the rose garden, even if only in my dreams.

We are expecting more snow this weekend. Me, you'll find me inside my home, sitting near the fire with my bouquets of pink flowers nearby.  I'll be sipping a cup of tea and dreaming of rose gardens.

Please take home any pink flower photographs that speak to your heart, from my bouquets on this post.

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, my sweet Karen. Thank you for always sharing your visions of beauty.

Stay cozy,safe and warm.

Sarah said...

Karen, this is such a lovely card and sentiment. Thank you for sharing your love of pink roses and hydrangeas. Have a great Pink Saturday! ~ Sarah

A Garden of Threads said...

These are so lovely Karen. Thank for the card. Have wonderful time in the snow:)

Vee said...

What beautiful bouquets and thank you for creating such a sweet card. I'm snagging it.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh how perfect are these for the coming season! We however, are becoming quickly buried in snow! I better get out there later and shovel! PINK FLOWERS, PLEASE! Anita

Kathleen Grace said...

What a beautiful card Karen! I love it, and pink roses:>)
Happy Pink Saturday!

LV said...

Everthing came up beautifully on your post. said...

Beautiful post and sentiments. Oh yes, I do want to pick a few of your flowers. I can't use my printer right now though, so I'll be back for the card. Thank you so very much.
Happy Pink Saturday (a day late)!

Thanks, Jenn
(My sign off will go to my main blog, my pink post is on my blog just put the pan on the table.) said...

PS - love the header photo and your heart name at the end of your post (Great idea). Anyway, I downloaded the card and the photo that says "meet me in the garden". Thank you!!