Cinnamon Bun Inspiration

Nothing smells as good, as the aroma of freshly baked cinnamon buns.

I found the nicest recipe for cinnamon buns on the Food Network site.

Toni from Mostly Minis on Etsy also found the nicest recipe...

but for miniature buns for your doll house.  When I read on her blog that she is making these, I fell in love.

When I saw this new tiny bake set from Toni, I couldn't resist it.
So, I have a little mini kitchen sitting on my cake dish on my bakers rack.  It reminds me to bake some pretty and delicious "somethin somethin".  After all, what's a bakers rack for?

Hope that you enjoyed some cinnamon bun inspiration...betcha you're hungry now!

Vee said...

That is darling! And I really like the way you presented the recipe and photos on the old book jacket. It does become important to remember to play no matter our age. That's why I put my chickies in tutus!

Anonymous said...

Did someone say cinnamon buns? Could not resist clicking over immediately. Do save me some, Karen. :) Of course, when I clicked on the music the presentation was complete. One of my favorites...on my playlist too.
Hope you had a beautiful Easter.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

How absolutely sweet and tiny my dear! Cinnamon has such strong memories attached to it, doesn't it? It is a spice that is used from our childhood, so just one whiff brings back memories of family Thanksgivings to sugar and cinnamon buttered toast after school. And to boot, your miniature is just precious. Happy April! Anita

Toni from MostlyMinis on Etsy said...


I love, love, what you've done with the little cinnamon bun prep board set! I'm so happy you like it! This was my very FIRST try at making mini foods, and this wonderful layout on your blog is so encouraging! THANK YOU! I just got my mini Frenchscript fabrics, and they are sheer PERFECTION!Much mutual admiration!


Peggy Jones said...

Oh I love it. and that movie one of my favorites. I can smell those buns.

A Garden of Threads said...

Oh my just finished dinner and now I crave a cinnamon bun. The doll house set is so cute.

Dolores said...

Wishing I had a cinnamon bun with my coffee this morning.

The perfect presentation!

Beverly said...

My mother loves cinnamon buns. This set is darling, Karen.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Karen, What a darling mini kitchen and it looks so sweet on your cake plate. I love tiny treasures like this.
I too love cinnamon buns and these mini hearts are too adorable.
Yes, you made me hungry for a treat. I can nearly catch the scent filling through the air.

Wishing you a wonderful day my friend.
Hugs, CM the wall below your bakers rack. Is that paper? Gorgeous!!