The First day of May Inspiration

Happy May Day. Dancing around the Maypole is such a lovely tradition to welcome May.

When I was a little girl, I remember a sweet tradition in our neighborhood.  Your neighbor would hang a sweet bouquet in a basket on your door to welcome in the fist day of May.

Things are getting greener by the day here, and the pink blossoms are blooming.  A perfect first day of May.

I've been painting geraniums the last few days, so excited about the beautiful flowers yet to bloom.

Let me hang this basket on your door today, wishing you the loveliest first day of May.

Snap said...

I remember baskets hung on the door. It's May! It's May! The Lusty Month of May! (lyrics from Camelot!!!) Love your watercolors.

Terra said...

I remember the May Day bouquets given to neighbors and left at their door. Some moms and children still do this; I just read a blog post about that. Oh, let's gather and dance around a May pole too.

Terra said...

Oh, my second comment cuz I forgot to tell you your paintings are pretty, especially the last one.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, Karen! This is just gorgeous!

Happy May Day, my friend1



Gabriela Delworth - Training Specialist and Designer said...

Hello Karen,

Love these geraniums! Your paintings are beautiful.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning Karen! I thoroughly enjoyed that May Day dance video; would you believe that it is snowing here as I type? YEP...Minnesota for ya.

Thank you for this lovely hanging basket just for me.

You are super! HAPPY MAY! Anita

Susan said...

Oh Karen, what a perfectly delightful post. The may day dancers? Charming.

Your geranium paintings? Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

Thanks so much for sharing such beauty. Susan

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What pretty begonias! I've looked at your blog several times today. It may become a first of May tradition for me! Sending you some extra hugs for all of your thoughtfulness!

Vee said...

Why thank you! It is lovely and such a sweet, neighborly thing to do. I have not seen this charming custom ever done except on the door handle of a teacher's classroom. Some things should become the norm again!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Karen, Happy May! Love your basket of geraniums painting. Everything you create is stunning.
Wishing you a month filled with May blessings.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Dolores said...

Oh Karen...... I love your painted Geraniums!!

I've never hear of 'the baskets hung on the door'...... what a wonderful gesture!

Roxi -Coppercurls Designs said...

I absolutely love your painting!

RobinfromCA said...

It's been such a while since I strolled through your blog and I'm having such a good time. I adore your geranium paintings. Here, our geraniums are perennials but they always get so much better as spring and summer arrive! I remember making little cones in elementary school to put some flowers in for May Day. Paper, pipe cleaners and glue - such an easy thing!

Lorrie said...

Thank you for the lovely hanging basket. Your geraniums are lovely. I'm looking forward to mine blooming in a month or so.

Happy May!

Anonymous said...

Why, I'd love you to hang that pretty basket on my door, thank you. Karen, your paintings are not only beautiful, but anointed. Why did I choose that word? Because they found their way to my heart the minute I saw them just know...and I know that touch. :)
Wishing you a beautiful May too.