Castle in the Clouds Inspiration

There is a beautiful castle high in the mountains of New Hampshire with views so spectacular that they take your breath away. It is called Castle in the Clouds.

Photograph courtesy of Castle in The Clouds.
Such a magical place overlooking beautiful New Hampshire lakes and islands.

I found a video showing Castle in the Clouds, if you would like to view it and hear some lovely music.

As your car climbs the steep mountainside, you can hike the amazing paths to view the waterfall.

They host some interesting Carriage HouseHiking Trails and events.

Then, you drive a bit further and you are greeted by the main carriage house to have lunch.  We had such beautiful weather, that we ate a delicious lunch on the patio.

Of course they host fairytale weddings.

A trolley awaits you to drive up the even steeper slopes to visit the main house museum.
The castle is so lovely, but lovelier still are the views.

"Built in 1913-1914 high in the Ossipee Mountain Range, it became open to the public in 1959.  The house is an unusual example of the Arts and Crafts architecture in New England."  You can read more about the Lucknow Estate History.

 TMS architects writes: 
"Perched high in the Ossipee Mountain Range in Moultonborough, NH is an iconic, turn-of-the-centruy Arts and Crafts mansion and breathtaking views overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee."

I went to a girls weekend with my daughter, Sarah and her future mother-in-law, Maria, sister-in-law, Sam and a friend Anna.  On the last day we drove to Castle in the Clouds for lunch and the tour.

It was the most gorgeous day and once we entered the castle, the views still peeked through the windows everywhere you looked.

 The house has such an interesting history.  I was smitten with the beautiful windows in every room.

 Once inside there were so many wonderful rooms to explore.

Lovely vignettes can be found in the rooms,

 closets and even the maids quarters.  One of the rooms had stacks of pretty hats in the corner.

One of the tour guides suggested we wear them and pose for a photo.

I wore the man's hat for fun, while these lovely ladies found hats covered in finery.  Speaking of finery, I loved the clothing and shoes everywhere from that era.

 The closets were truly amazing, every detail was lovely.

 This was my favorite room, with a balcony leading to a panoramic view of the lakes and islands.

My daughter, Sarah has been wanting me to go and see this enchanting place for over a year now.  She discovered it with Mike on one of their weekend visits to Mike's family get-away nearby.  We had a wonderful girls weekend there, and visiting the castle was surely a lovely way to end the weekend.

Vee said...

Stunning...I have been by, but have never stopped to see what it was all about. Now I want to very much see what it was all about. Such gorgeous views! Sounds like a very fun weekend. You all looked very cute in your hats!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a fabulous place to visit! And can you imagine having that view every day? OH MY! Lovely photos my friend!

Marcia Pilar said...

Oh my goodness, this is simply divine, Karen. What a gorgeous place. Love the group photo too. I don't think I could have left. :)
Stopped by to subscribe to your blog via email so that I don't miss any of your posts. I won't be blogging anymore (for now) but I do want to continue visiting a handful of special blogging friends.
Have a beautiful day.

Linda said...

Thank you for the soothing music and sharing your day in this beautiful place. I love the Arts and Crafts movement and you're so fortunate to have been able to take photos of the period pieces and try on those hats! Lovely group photo! Stunning views of the unspoilt countryside and I can imagine wonderful walks in the countryside, too.