The Bluebird of Happiness

How do you concentrate on anything, when your backyard is filled with bluebirds on a snowy winter's day?  I collect Bluebird images on Pinterest, never thinking I would someday have my own little bunch outside my window.

What a lovely surprise.  I just kept getting up to take another photo.  There were so many of them, and the contrast against the snow was stunning.

I have always loved Bluebirds, and one of my favorite books is called The Bluebird of Happiness for Children.  Shirley Temple starred in the movie.   It's a story about a brother and sister who want to find happiness and travel to many far lands led by an angel called Light.  

At the end of their travels they return home weary, but realize that the Bluebird that they were looking for, was there all along in their own backyard.  I thought since our little Shirley Temple has left for home, I would share this bit of the movie for you.

Looking out my window, the temptation to photographs these little Bluebirds was too tempting.
White snow, blue skies and bluebirds...what more can a girl ask for to design some fabric?  I just sent away for approval swatches, and when they arrive, I'll add them to my shop on Spoonflower.

and some products too.

So these Bluebirds just flew into my heart and landed on some fun products.

I guess you could say it's Bluebird time.  Time for another cup of coffee...

When I go to the market, I'll carry my Bluebirds with me.  I used bags in different designs when I moved, they really came in handy.  I carried my laptop, little odds and ends and bottles of wine to my sister's house for Thanksgiving.
 A few pillows for Spring.  I just received a sweet little black bench to put outside by my front door.  Since I am able to have indoor or outdoor pillows made now, I'll order some outdoor Bluebird pillows to put on the bench.
So this is my Bluebird news for now.  I have a feeling these beautiful birds will inspire many things.  Most of all the remembrance of the morale of the book, The Bluebird of Happiness.  We don't have to travel very far to find it at all.  Sometimes it's the very things in our own backyard that is our true Bluebird of happiness.

Speaking of Bluebirds, I'll be flying home to visit mine.   I hear they have lots of snow, as you might expect.

You see, Ashley is expecting our second grandson.  He's due to arrive the week after next.  What a blessing.  So, I will be blogging from Massachusetts through March.

Have a beautiful day.

Pondside said...

Safe journeys Karen!
I don't think I'd be able to concentrate with bluebirds all over the place - they are a beautiful distraction. I love what you've shown today. Gorgeous!

Vee said...

Oh wonderful to be returning to help out with the new baby. And how very cool that you have so many bluebirds in your back yard and thank you for mentioning Shirley Temple. I have just learned that we've lost Pa Walton (Ralph Waite) and that saddened me, too.

Beverly said...

Karen, those bluebirds must have come specifically to gift you with joy. And, you took that joy and shared it with all of us.

You must be so excited to go home to your girls and boys. And, a new baby to love.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I pray that they will be in heaven. And if not, there will be even more beauty than we can imagine. But for now, this creature represents life and hope for a more lively world! HI KAREN!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home said...

How wonderful that you are going back home to help with the baby! We see a few bluebirds here in the summer, and saw one last week on our bird feeder. It looks like you have many more. I love your bluebird designs.

Have a safe trip!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Lovely, Karen, and I am happy that you will be able to fly home for the birth of your grand. Take good care and safe travels!



Anonymous said...

I'm sure all of heaven's smiling with Shirley's homecoming.

All I kept thinking throughout the entire post was one of my favorite songs...
"Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow
Why then, oh why can't I?
If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow
Why, oh why can't I?" =D

Many blessings to all with the bundle of joy the stork's flying your way. ;) Enjoy your time back in MA, friend, and tell us all about it.