Sitting on the Bench

Sitting on a bench.

Every now and then we must sit on a bench...

To take a time out for a while for one reason or another.

For me, sitting still is torture at first,  because I am always busying myself with one thing or another.

But I find that if I do sit still for a while,  I settle down and just enjoy the scenery.

And I enjoy being with my kids and grandkids.

Like today at the park, when all that I had to do was just sit on the bench with my littlest Grandson, Brayden,

while I took photos of my lovely daughter Ashley and my Grandson, RJ.

Sitting on the bench is necessary to breathe in the moment and do my favorite thing...

Vee said...

Oh the baby is growing so fast! What a lot of smiles he was giving you!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I love your take on MEMORIZE. Yes, I have learned that all the busy-ness must be halted, and the only way an artist or writer will get anything done is to first STAY STILL long enough to let the otherwise forgotten moments die. LOVELY FAMILY, KAREN!

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Karen, what beautiful photos from your time with the kids. Sitting on a bench is something we all need to do now and then. Look at those little ones, growing so fast. Lovely times to memorize!!
Wishing you a special Mother's Day my friend.
Enjoy the blessings!

Kathleen Grace said...

I sure can relate to this Karen. I run myself ragged until my head is full and I sometimes don't have a scrap of creativity or patience left. I have always felt sort of guilty about taking a rest, it makes me feel unproductive and lazy! But I always find that as soon as I step aside and take a breather, I literally have to lie down or sit somewhere with nothing to do, I get fresh ideas and can finally think about things again. Enjoy your bench time, it looks like you have a lot to enjoy!

Marcia @ A Table Named Love said...

So difficult for creative spirits like ours, friend, but a treasure indeed when we finally surrender.
Thank you for the reminder, and for sharing those gorgeous faces. MUAH!!
Have a beautiful weekend.

Beverly said...

Such a lovely place to memorize all that is beautiful in your life.

I hope to see you at Pink Saturday. Happy Mother's Day, my sweet friend.♥

Donna said...

Lovely family, Karen. Yes, sometimes we just need to take the time to sit on a bench.