A Secret Garden, A Party and A Surprise

I felt just like a little girl this morning, going into a secret garden and picking a bouquet of glorious flowers.

It was just me and the butterflies, bees and beautiful blue skies.

The Secret Garden that I found last winter continues to blossom with joy.

Speaking of joy,  I am traveling back to Boston to host my daughter, Sarah's bridal shower.  I promise to take lots of photos to share.

Now for another party surprise.  It's a blogging party hosted by Anita from Castles, Crowns and Cottages. Anita hosts Simply Irresistible every year and this year is all about Europe.

Beginning July 18th thru the 25th of July, you will be able to tour Europe through the eyes of your favorite bloggers.

It's quite perfect timing for me, because I will be tending to the last minute details of Sarah's shower all next week.

We'll be on the road back home this weekend, and I will be having a lovely post to share about London for Anita's party, beginning on Friday, July 18th.  I will be leaving the post up for the duration of Europe: Simply Irresistible.

I hope that you enjoyed the bouquet of images I picked just for you.

See you on Friday, and if you would like to write a post about Europe for the party, please stop by Anita's and tell her to include you.

Sarah said...

Karen, your images are crystal clear and absolutely gorgeous. The secret garden is a treasure!
Enjoy the trip back, the bridal shower, and this special time with your daughters. I look forward to your post about London. I, too, had planned to participate, but Life has interrupted my schedule. '-(
See you in London on Friday.

Jenny said...

That is so charming and beautiful. I did the same thing yesterday, visited a cutting garden on a farm. xo Jenny

Vee said...

Yes, I did enjoy all the beautiful posies that you featured here. I am receiving your posts in my inbox via email and it was truly delightful. Have a pleasant journey home for such a sweeet reason. I know that it will be a happy weekend with lots of laughter and fun.

Oh if I had anything to say about Europe, Anita's party sounds enticing. I shall just have to peek in and see what others are sharing.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dear Karen Harvey Cox! You had me at the secret garden, and I too turned 10 years old again, skipping through hopes and dreams. That sweet cottage you share is OUTSTANDING! The flower picking itself could be a very therapeutic activity and just last week, a friend and her daughter came over for some fun and play, and we went to a neighbor's garden to get some blue butterfly delphinium. I put them in a silver tussy mussy and how GORGEOUS did those photos come out....

Thank you so much for the preview for the link party. I am so excited to see what nooks and crannies of London you will lead me to! Thank you, creative and lovely friend! Anita

Cranberry Morning said...

Oh what beautiful gardens! Enjoy the bridal shower. Hope it's a lovely day.

Anonymous said...

Look at all those beautiful colors. Love your secret garden, Karen.
Looks like we're both headed to the UK for Anita's party...save you a plane seat next to me. ;) I've never really visited, but I love how Anita's party inspires us to dream.
Enjoy your daughter's shower and do share details with us soon.

Kathleen Grace said...

This garden is breathtaking! I don't know if I could ever leave as long as it was in flower and filled with butterflies:>) Have fun with Sarah's shower I have one coming up for Victoria in a couple weeks!