Sarah's Bridal Shower

We held Sarah's Bridal Shower at the Sherborn Inn, in Sherborn, Massachusetts on July 26th.

Sarah's Bridesmaids helped to create a beautiful shower.  Ashley and Sarah's best friend Amanda are the maids-of-honors.


So cute, they created this table with guess how many teabags and write date night suggestions for Sarah and Mike.

Sarah received some beautiful gifts.

 Thank God for Pinterest.  After browsing so many ideas for the Bride's chair, I took two different bridal fabrics and created a slipcover for the chair and another fabric for the train.

The room looked lovely and the colors actually matched the colors in her bridal party.  Pale green and dark gray.

The tables were set with teapots filled with fresh flowers, which a lucky lady got to take home.  Thank you for arranging the flowers, Joyce.

Each place setting had a favor.  The girls created mason jars filled with the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies along with a recipe.

I created an inspiration board with her shower invitation, a nice photo of Sarah and Mike and the guest book for signing.  The clock is a countdown clock with their wedding date.  The frame held a sign that matched saying "Please sign the guest book" and the table also hosted more favors.

Here Comes The Bride was written, on her bride's pillow, wrapping paper and the cakes.

We had a brunch and the cakes were large cupcakes...a little chocolate, and a little vanilla.
The girls helped Sarah open the gifts and Stephanie created a bouquet from the ribbons and bows on the gifts for her to use on rehearsal night.

One of the games was to write down your favorite memory with Sarah.  She had to guess who it was, and if she guessed right, the author got a beautiful gift.

I am so proud of my two beautiful daughters, Sarah and Ashley.

Thank you Joyce,  you are truly the best friend ever!  your photographs are wonderful as always.

Here I am with my sister, Susan, my Mom and my sister Lynne.  We all had a wonderful time and Sarah was glowing all day.
Thank you everyone for helping to create such a beautiful day for Sarah.  

Sarah said...

Karen, happiness oozes from these photos. Bridal showers are a special time, and the girls did a beautiful job with every detail. All the best to Sarah and Mike.

Kathleen Grace said...

What a beautiful shower! I love the giant cupcakes and the bridal chair was gorgeous. It's such a happy time isn't it?

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

KAREN! What a beautiful picture of her! My goodness, she must be thrilled! And the Sherborn Inn, a perfect spot for a New England wedding. My congratulations to the entire family!

Pondside said...

What a beautiful shower that was! Your happiness and your daughter's joy just shine. It's so important to celebrate like this - and how lovely that your mother and sisters could be there.

Beverly said...

Everything looks perfect. The makings for treasured memories.♥

Vee said...

I've never seen a prettier bridal many wonderful ideas. Wonderful favors and prizes for the guests, too. My prize was seeing you with your sisters and your mom.

Sarah is going to be a beautiful bride!

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful, the bride, the mother of the bride, the evident grace and abounding love, and every lovely detail on those tables.
Thank you for sharing with us, Karen.

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Dear Karen, what a gorgeous setting for Sarah's shower. She was just glowing with happiness and having so much fun. I love her color combo.

Your pics are beautiful and I love the one with you, your sisters and mother. What a precious treasure.

I so enjoyed catching up with you as I have been on vacation.
Wishing you beautiful days working up to the wedding. Sarah is going to be a beautiful bride!!