Christmas in the kitchen

 Now that I am back home, I am about to begin decorating the house for Christmas.  I think I am going to do this again this year.  I filled a glass jar with all the broken and neglected Christmas ornaments and displayed it in the kitchen so that I could see it when I was cooking.

I love Zooey Dreschanel, and I especially love her Christmas Album on the She & Him label.

I think I'll start with the kitchen.  Cookies, of course there has to be cookies for Christmas.

I have two holly bushes outside,

and I put sprigs of holly and cranberries in glass vases to hold up candles in the kitchen.  It's also nice to add roses and the cranberries help hold the flowers in place.

Every kitchen needs a little Santa to make things complete.

A wee Christmas tree and teeny toys and gingerbread house.

Then I will hand a flocked wreath and add some white sticks to the planter outside.

Today is day ten of our Christmas countdown.

Please take home your countdown artwork or any other artwork in this post, as my gift to you.