Meet an old friend and a wonderful artist

 Karen Provost has a wonderful new art studio in Western Art Studios in Lowell, Massachusetts.
I found a fun video that really gives you a feeling for what a wonderful group of artists are in Western Art Studios.

 Karen's work is wonderful. My friend Joyce and I met in one of Karen's classes.  Here we are on Sunday at Karen's studio, attending the Holiday Open House.

 Karen is a mixed media-collage artist.
 Her studio will be open again next weekend during another Holiday Open Studios.

I have always enjoyed Karen's work, and she is an amazing teacher.  She offers workshops and her Facebook page can keep you updated on all her upcoming events.

 I have learned so many techniques from her, and this one really captured my heart.
Our countdown continues,  today is day nine of December.
Please take home the countdown artwork.  Have a wonderful day.