Let's go shopping in Pinehurst

 I have always loved the store Cottage Chic.  For years I have browsed the web site and coveted the many gorgeous shabby chic designs.

Just love Jack Johnson, especially his song Better Together.
My sister, Lynne and I planned on spending the day in her home town, Pinehust, North Carolina.  She also wanted me to have a peek at nearby Southern Pines. Lynne stood in front of the first shop that she wanted to show me.

So, you can imagine my surprise, when we walked into this shop.  OMG, it was Cottage Chic.

 The shop was filled with so many wonderful things.  Here's a link to their Charlotte, NC Facebook page.

Then we went next door to Cameron & Co.  They feature Spartina, my favorite new favorite, and lots of wonderful designer products.  If you don't live near Cameron & Co, no worries, here is the Spartina web site.
One of the most interesting shops was the Pinehust Olive Oil Co.
Rachel Rae would be in heaven.  Talk about the good EVO...Come on inside for al real treat.

Once you are inside, you feel like you are somewhere in Tuscany.

They have every possible olive oil that you can imagine.  You can taste test and fill your jars with your favorite flavor. All this and cooking classes too.

Recipes and more can be found on Pinehust Olive Oil Co.'s blog.
They have a wonderful new website so you can shop on-line.
 The shop owner is wonderful, and there she is wrapping my husband's gift for me.
 We drove to Southern Pines and had lunch at the cutest place ever, called Betsys Crepes.

Their crepes are delicious.  Here's Lynne and me after we finished having lunch.

I stayed overnight in her lovely guest room so that we could get an early start.  So glad that I did, we were able to visit all the shops in Pinehust and Southern Pines.
Speaking of Shabby Chic dreams,
I ordered this pink princess telephone for myself.   When it arrived, I got the same thrill that I did when my mother gave me one just like it for my thirteenth birthday.  One can never have enough Shabby Chic inspiration.

 Now where did I put my vintage prom dress?  Thank you for going shopping with us.