It Might As Well Be Spring

I can almost see Spring here in North Carolina.  This photo was taken last Spring when the pink blossoms were in bloom.  I can't wait for the Magnolias to be in bloom.

It might as well be Spring. From one of my favorite old movies.  I hope that when you play the video one of those dreadful commercials doesn't pop up.  I just love this scene and when she breaks out in song.  

This time of year would be so much better if we could hear a soundtrack playing in the background.  Why it would make even the grayest days brighter.

Back home the family is getting quite a bit of snow again.
 I have been watching the snow fall on the web cam for our neighborhood.  Isn't that so cool?

It's raining quite hard here.  I can hear the rain pouring outside as I write this post.  It's so loud that it woke me up.  I thought I would sit down and write a post.

It's early in the morning here.  In the olden days the milkman would be clinking the milk bottles in his tray as he delivered our milk.

I guess I will just have a cup of tea and try reading so that I can fall asleep.

The window in my art room is very high up and it let's me see the birds sitting high in the branches of the trees.  The other day the tree outside was filled with birds.  I wonder if they get Spring fever too.

I have some really fun posts planned for this week.  I will try to get back to sleep now, so that I am rested for tomorrow.   I would like to paint and edit the photos to share that I took in Pinehurst and Southern Pines when I visited my sister Lynne last week.

You might have noticed that I did some Spring cleaning on my sidebar.  I found these charming graphics on Etsy, of course.   Reani Designs has the loveliest things.

Have a beautiful Monday.