One Year Ago, a lovely memory

When I popped on my Facebook page today, there was a lovely reminder of what happened exactly one year ago.  It's hard to believe that Sarah was sharing the big reveal of her wedding gown to the bridal party, and the bridesmaids were picking out their dresses.

Here is the post I wrote one year ago today.

I think that I have mentioned that my daughter, Sarah is getting married this September.  Mike and Sarah got engaged in Disney World last year.

Sarah and I went to find her dress several months ago, and the dress arrived.

So, yesterday Sarah invited me, Mike's mom, the bridesmaids and maids-of-honor to see her in THE DRESS.  When Sarah stepped out of the dressing room, she looked radiant in her beautiful dress.  I will share the big reveal on the wedding post.

The girls were also there to try on dresses for the big day.  They were trying on dresses for the bridesmaid and maid-of-honor dresses.  Sarah has chosen her best friend. Amanda and her sister, Ashley to be her maids-of-honor.

It was the second dress that they tried on that looked absolutely lovely on all the the girls.  I'll share them too when I post about the wedding.

Did I tell you that Brayden came along too?

Here are Ashley, Brayden, Sam, Sarah, Amanda, Stephanie and Raelyn.  We finished off the afternoon going out for lunch.

The wedding was so gorgeous, blue skies and a lovely backdrop made for the perfect day.

We had so much fun at the reception.
Thank you Facebook, it was such a lovely way to start my day.