Happy Monday

I purchased lots of lovely flowers to inspire me to paint.
Now here's some sunshine songs that will make you smile all day.
Daffodils, aren't they the happiest flowers?
Sunday was such a glorious day...I didn't get as much painting done as I had hoped.
I just had to go for a ride and visit Spring and enjoy the sunshine.
Lost in Spring inspiration, I just had to memorize the magic.   So, I brought back some snapshots to share.  Beautiful trees are in bloom, and I found such pretty roads to explore.
I hope your Monday is filled with sunshine and a bit of magic. 
Oh, I do hope that it rains today, so that I stay inside and paint my bouquets.  This Spring sunshine and lovely weather is calling me to explore. Whether sunshine or a rainy day we all need to create our dreams every day.

P.S.  I love Rhonna Designs.  I used her app and RDMagic app to create my sign.  She also makes it easy to post to your Facebook page or Instagram.