Spring is here on Cape Cod

Tucked behind St. Mary's Church in Barnstable, Massachusetts is a Secret Garden surely to inspire.

 There my friend Joyce and I found hundreds of Daffodils speckled throughout the gardens.
A lovely song, Garden in the Rain.

 There were arbors,
  a brook

 and delightful paths that lead to
even more magic.

We passed through garden gates,
 It seemed that the garden would never end.

 I loved the way these are intertwined.
Daffodils are the happiest flowers!

 God's creations are so charming.
Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers to paint.
 Whispers of the Lord's presence were everywhere.
 Such a gorgeous sanctuary in the middle of a beautiful garden.
This year I am enjoying a wonderful Spring.  First I got to see North Carolina's Spring.  Now Massachusetts is beginning to bloom.

All this beautiful Spring weather, get's me in the mood for a picnic.