Creating a Bedroom with Hydrangeas, Chalk Paint and Cape Cod in mind

When I first started to redesign the guest bedroom in our home in Massachusetts, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do.  I know I love Cottage Chic and Cape Cod, and of course Cape Cod Hydrangeas are near and dear to my heart.  So, it was Hydrangea blue to start.

In the beginning I was gathering lots of ideas from magazines and Pinterest.  I got busy and created a Pinterest Board called Hydrangea Bedroom.

Now to help you get in that Cape Cod mood, here is one of my favorite old songs, Old Cape Cod.

I started by using a Hydrangea Blue paint on the walls.  The carpet is a deeper blue color and has a wonderful design that compliments the design in the white duvet.
 I decided that I wanted the room to feel as though I was in Cape Cod all year round.  So, the artwork helped to create that feeling.

I wanted a bookcase for the room, but I something with a small footprint.  I bought this lovely potting table at Signature Finishes from Melody Cornacchioli. 
 This piece is the perfect accessory and it gives me that Cape Cod feeling.

This desk is very old and the chair came out so nice, that now I am hooked on painting furniture with chalk paint.
When I discovered the world of chalk paint I got lost in everything Annie Sloan.
Here is the finished room so far.  I have another side of the room which I will share on another post.  And how I'll be adding a bit of Christmas later on in the season.

My duvet cover is my Cape Cod Hydrangea nosegay design.    The pillows are all different Cape Cod Hydrangea designs available on my shop, Frenchscript on Etsy or on Society6.  Now I feel like I am on the Cape every time I enter this room.
Most of my designs began with this original watercolor that I created for one of my favorite customers.