Branches of Spring and enjoying Susan Branch's new book

It is beginning to look like Spring, so I planted pansies in my large pot by the front door.  They can get straggly at the end of Spring, so I planted a planter in the middle and just planted bits of pansies along the edge.  This way I can just lift it out and plant red geraniums for summer.

I couldn't quite find a wreath that I liked that wasn't the cost of a first born child, so I used a forsythia wreath as the base and added another smaller wreath to add a bit of color.

Of course there had to be Spring pillows sitting on my bench outside.

I didn't want to plant flowers in my mailbox flower box, so I added some pussy willow branches and a bird's nest.  Looks like Spring but without the fuss, and I don't have to worry about watering anything.

My white blossoming tree says Welcome Spring before anything else is in bloom in my garden.

So, I added a matching wreath to the door of the Gazebo.

I continue to read Susan Branch's amazing new book called Martha's Vineyard, The Isle of Dreams.  I have to say that my copy came with one of her lovely bookmarks because I ordered it through her web site.  I think that it should also come with a package of Kleenex, preferably covered in one of her lovely designs.

I found some lovely Vintage music about Spring today.
The book is filled with quotes, written by hand in her wonderful flag shapes with different watercolor hues.  My favorite quote so far, is one in her own words...

"I would wake up at night longing for something that no longer existed, more than just Cliff or the marriage or even my old life, I mourned for the believing thing." 

Her book is just so amazing, you really have to read it.  I think that besides relating to her divorce and starting over in a new place, I just love her spirit.  Don't you?
Susan is so much braver than I was by continuing to talk to her Ex.  Me, I left him in the dust in 1982 and never looked back.  He was a serial cheater and always acted so smug.  I didn't keep up our relationship because I just couldn't stand reopening up the pages of pain.  Luckily, in 1982 I moved to Princeton, New Jersey, right next door to my second husband.

I met my first husband when I was just seventeen and we were together thirteen years, married for four years.  One day he just said he didn't want to be married anymore.  I found out later there was another woman and there had been many affairs.  It made me a stronger woman, but like Susan said in her book, "I still miss the believing thing."  When someone breaks your heart, you miss the believing thing more than that person.

Today I took time to slow down, plant some pansies, continue reading Isle of Dreams and enjoy my home.  Resting for the big day ahead...

Sarah and Mike are having their baby sometime next week.  We are all thrilled.  We don't know whether it's a boy or a girl yet.

I'll write when the baby arrives.  Until then, have a lovely day.

Gail Griner Golden at Gail-Friends said...

A lovely post, and I enjoyed seeing how you've decorated for spring.

I haven't gotten Susan Branch's new book, but I plan to. I've read all the others. Her story resonates with me, too, as I had a similar experience. She is so inspiring and I love her art work.

Congratulations on your new grandbaby. I know you are sooooo excited! It's the most wonderful thing in the world to be a grandmother.

Thanks for a wonderful post.

Blessings and JOY to you,


Sarah said...

Karen, I'm reading Fairy Tale Girl. Don't have a copy of Susan's new book yet, but look forward to reading it too. I'm a fan!
Lovely post. Excitied for you and the new grandchild.

Teresa O said...

I too love that quote by Susan Branch, it's so true for those of us who have weathered the storm of divorce. Unlike you & Susan, I did not remarry. I have remained single for the past 16 years. I find my joy through my children, grandson, family, friends, & my creative life. I don't know about you, Karen, but when I come across other women who have lost that oh so important part of being called believing, I feel a great kinship & just want give a hug. Oh & one more thing. . . my ex husband & I made a pact that no matter what we would always put our children first, never use them as pawns in games of revenge, & slowly over the years have found our way to a very real friendship.

Your post is so lovely as is your front entrance. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Donna Liz said...
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Donna Liz said...

Hi! New follower waving from the Alabama coast! Lovely Spring décor and "Congrats" on the upcoming arrival of the new little one! Paying all goes well for both mom and baby. What a lovely idea for decorating your mailbox! Ours sits in the direct sun and nothing I've tried can withstand our horrid summers. So, I may just give this a try...Take our box from boring to beautiful! Your words about Susan's book, are making me re-think not buying one. I have some lovely, new pen friends through her FB page. May order some of your lovely notecards to use for my correspondences with them.

Happy Spring hugs ~ Donna Liz