Inspirational People, Molly Hatch

Everyone knows that I do get smitten with artists and their creativity.  The influence in my work, pure inspiration to create, and joy happens when I meet someone wonderful.  What better music to play than a little something from Cole Porter.
Truly Molly Hatch changed the way I design and has given me the confidence to follow my own style, instead of letting software create my designs exclusively.  If you would like to read about how it all began,  Molly's Story let's you know about her journey.

I guess this post is a way of me giving an apple to my teacher.

I have also put a link to her work on my side bar.  She has many installations in museums, which you can view from her web site under the menu called ONE OF A KIND.  It shows Molly creating her amazing displays of fine art installations. ARTSY covers a beautiful display of Molly's fine artwork.  Wish she could do an installation in my home, sigh.

She has many different products wearing her designs.  There has been an explosion of products now available in her glorious designs.  You can find many of them on her on-line shop.

Molly has many of her gorgeous designs in Anthropologie

I had written a post in 2015 about Molly, called Shabby Chic Love and Mickey Mouse, while I was taking an on-line class about surface design.

At that time, I was wrestling with the idea of learning a new software to help me create repeat designs that resembled what was on the market at the time.  All set to leave my painting and hand-drawn images behind me.

My first hand-drawn design during my class with Molly.
Then I found Molly on Creative Live and took her class, called FROM HAND TO SCREEN TO SURFACE.   After taking that class, I couldn't put my sketchpad down.

Hundreds of ideas using my newly found approach to surface design was born.  I was filled with joy because I could do what I love and not rely completely on software to create the look I wanted. Molly taught the technical skills I needed to reflect what I could do by hand.  Here is a video giving you a preview of the class.

The last year has been an explosion of designs inspired by Molly.  I then found one of her many books, TEACUP COLLECTION, and knew this girl was absolutely a kindred spirit.

Molly's mug and book sit on top of one of my many surface designs that combine my watercolor images and drawings done my hand. Thank you Molly.

Well, I hope that you enjoy all the roads I have given you to pure inspiration.  Oh, and by the way, Molly has coloring books available too.  I told you it was an explosion of creativity.  No one is paying me for this post, I am simply sharing one of the creative souls that make me smile...allot!

Terra Hangen said...

Wow, Molly is a fountain of feminine creativity; I love what you show of her stuff here and see how she has inspired you.

Jess said...

Such a beautiful blog to stumble across! I have your lovely Cole Porter music playing as I write this. Have a wonderful week Karen.
Jess xx