Happy First Day of June

This morning I got up and opened up my front door to see what the weather was like on this first day of June.  I wasn't disappointed.  It was gorgeous today.
As the day went on, I sat down to write a post.  One thing led to another and pretty soon I realized that today was an Anniversary.  Ten years ago I wrote my first post.  Can you believe some of us know each other for ten years?  Amazing!

I love this movie and the soundtrack is dreamy.

Today when I thought about what day it was, I was amazed that it has been ten years.  So, I got busy planning some posts and trying to change things up a bit.

I thought I would give my blog a new fresh look, so I simplified.  My new theme this year.  Getting rid of clutter, even on my blog.
Well, I hope that wherever you are you are enjoying beautiful weather.  Happy first day of June.

Kathleen Grace said...

Happy 10 year anniversary Karen! I don't know if we have known each other the whole time, my 10 year anniv. was in February, but we have known each other most of that I would say! It's great to see you back blogging :)

Beverly said...

Happy Ten Years, Karen. You must have been blogging just about a year when I started Pink Saturday. I remember you were one of the early ones to join in with us. I will be doing the nine year celebration of Pink Saturday next weekend. I hope you will join us. I started blogging March of 2006. We've been around quite a while.

June around your part of the world looks beautiful. We currently have roses, azaleas, lilies and hydrangeas blooming in the yard, and lots of potted flowers. How is your daughter liking it here? She must not be too far from me.

Vee said...

So happily listening to the soundtrack that I couldn't comment. 🎶

Karen, warm congratulations on your tenth blogiversary! (I did not realize that we began blogging at about the same time.) That's a lot of beautiful posts that you have created for your readers. I still remember many of them to include several that have changed how I think. For example, the concept of giving when it feels as if one should, instead, be receiving. Your beautiful daughters have grown up on the blog before our very eyes and now your grandsons are carrying on for their moms. That's a lot of living shared!

Many more joys of blogging to you! (As much as I enjoy Instagram, there are not enough words.)

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