On her wedding day

On her wedding day, originally uploaded by bluebirdsandteapots.

On Saturday I was driving through Concord, as always I wanted to drive past my friend Louisa May Alcott's home, Orchard house. Oh, I was thrilled they were having a wedding. It was the anniversary of Anna Bronson Alcott's wedding day on May 23, 1860. How exciting they were all dressed in costume and there was even an invitation, wedding cake and punch. I parked my car and was in photo heaven. Notice the red robin...the littliest guest there. Isn't it fitting that a robin would be a guest at Louisa May Alcott sister's wedding? The bride wore Aqua, and the wedding was held in the Concord School on the Orchard House property due to inclimate weather. So charming, I think Louisa was smiling down from heaven at the festivities. I overheard the shopkeeper say that some of the people dressed in costume were relatives. Isn't that fun?

The invitation was so lovely on perfectly proper linen stationary the words so lovely:

"I've felt for the first time in my life the joyful consciousness that I am truly loved by a truly good man, one that with all my heart I can love and honor...one who loves me for myself alone, and with an unselfish, patient, gentle affection such as I never thought to waken in an human heart."

Anna Bronson Alcott
On her wedding day
May 23, 1860

molly jean said...

What a sweet quote!
Your pictures are wonderful.
I LOVE costumes.

One Christmas Eve a group of friends from our Church rented Dickenson era costumes. The children dressed up to "man" a nativity scene.

We met at a home in a neighborhood where all homes have lights and decorate for the season, its in their neighborhood covenant.

On that night THOUSANDS of people drive through a prescribed route,...police direct traffic!

We sang carols. It was wonderfully fun and memorable.