It's A lovely Day for a Tea Party in Blogland

teapot with blue bird, originally uploaded by bluebirdsandteapots.

Happy Monday

Tea parties are always a good idea, an opportunity to set the table with all of your lovely things. One tradition that I learned from my British friends was to have a tradition of afternoon tea, even if you indulge just you.

My creation

Of course it is always fun to enjoy a spot of tea with the teddy bears.

My creation

Then there are the elaborate kind, when you use all your finest china and bake lovely cakes.

The Tea Party
Lin said...

WHAT A CHARMINGLY BEAUTIFULLY DONE TEA POT! Colors, form, shape, absolutely delightful!!! Now, where are the cookies??!!

windy angels said...

I love this painting as I love all of your paintings. The bird is so gorgeous.
Please stop by my blog when you have a moment and thanks again for all your kindness,
Angels be with you,