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I got up this morning, I looked at the blue sky and heard the birds announcing it was officially Spring. The weather was warm and then I remembered DAFFODILS!

I got into my car and drove to Blithewold Mansion and Gardens to walk in their magnificent gardens filled with hundreds of Daffodils. I had remembered that they are celebrating Daffodil Days, a feast for the eyes that longed for Spring.

New England is cold in April, and we have been awaiting Spring in between frosts and gray days.
Ta Dahhhhhhhhhhhh DAFFODILS.

My creation

My creation

When you first enter the grounds of the Mansion you are greeted by a beautiful setting. Then you walk through secret gardens.

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Beautifully manicured gardens, fountains, benches and garden ornaments are the perfect backdrop for this beautiful home.

My creationNow as if there isn't enough eye candy between the gorgeous mansion, and Daffodil heaven, it is located on the water. OMG can you imagine having lived there? When you tour the mansion, it too takes your breath away. They show a video of the family in the early 1900's enjoying the grounds in Spring. Wow!

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My creationThey are serving a tea during these Daffodil Days and you would absolutely fall down if you saw where it is served. Inside this gorgeous home, you enter the dining room which is paneled in a dark wood. Not to worry oodles of light stream into the room from the sunlit porch, which overlooks the grounds and water. There are hundreds of blue and white china plates that grace the shelves all throughout the room. An enormous mantle is over the fireplace. Each table is set with a different style of china. Tablecloths, fresh flowers, and high tea. What more could a girl want? A tour of the garden of course...

My creationThe steps take you traveling down winding paths and into more secret gardens.

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Beyond the lovely garden entrance, you will find another Daffodil garden.

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blythe 26

And another...

And then Blithewold Daffodil Days totally take your breath away.

Blithewold Daffodil Days

The name of the song for this post is Daffodils and I would love to wish you a Delightful Daffodil Day.

My creation
Cami said...

Daffodils are my absolute favorite... Is there a happier flower?!

Rue said...

Absolutely beautiful post Karen!

Happy Daffodil Day to you too ;)


Alison Gibbs said...

No other flower says 'Spring' like a daffodil.

faerie enchantment said...

Gorgeous photos, just stumbled upon your blog! Its wonderful!
Magic and Joy!

Sheila said...

This is a lovely cheery post. I like to see daffodils planted under trees and in lawns, in drifts so they appear to be growing wild.
This looks like a place I would enjoy visiting, and the tea rooms sound beautiful.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Karen, this post is so beautiful! I would love to visit there! Dont you just love spring??


Adla said...

Your pictures got me in the mood to singing,

I like the flowers
I love the daffodils
I like the mountains
I love the rolling hills
I like the fireside
When the lights are low...

singing a dooob woop a doo woop a do

Donna said...

How beautiful, Karen! I would love to be there.
Happy day to you!

Jen Glover said...

Gorgeous! Happy Spring, I hope you are having a lovely week! Come on over to my place for some yummy blog candy! :)

GreenishLady said...

That's so lovely! Thanks for bringing me along on that garden tour! Beautiful!

Cathy said...


This post was right up my alley. Oh how I love to chat and post about gardening and flowers. Thank you for the lovely daffodil and garden pics. They made my day.


Lorrie said...

I'm so happy it's daffodil season! They are so happy and yellow - cheering us all up when we're tired of brown winter.
A lovely post.


Linda said...

Oh wow Karen,
Blithewold Mansion takes my breath away even just in your photos, what an amazing place, and the sky is so blue against the yellow of the daffodils, simply beautiful.
Cheers Linda

Sioux said...

Thanks for the beautiful Daffodil Days. Spring has passed us here in Texas, and summer is running hard on her heels. It's good to get a look at spring again. Thanks!

Beverly said...

Thank you so much for sharing your tour with us. I love Daffodil Days.