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I was told that Brimfield's is the largest flea market in the country, and when I showed up this weekend I wasn't disappointed. My favorite entertainment was the people watching though. There were ladies with dogs in strollers, people carrying huge headboards, wagons, and carts. You could buy anything from antiques to canoes and even a cart if you forgot yours.


There were tents with everything known to man for sale, and every food temptation you could invent.

I had yummy home-made lemonade and the best french fries I have had since I went to Coney Island as a kid. There were venues that you had to pay to get into, but most of the tent areas were free to roam and buy. I saw one woman who had a double stroller with twins and wearing a baby carrier with a little baby. Yikes, now that is a shopping experience. The tents went for miles and miles and miles.


Brimfield's flee market is evidently the largest market of it's kind in the country. Located in Brimfield, Massachusetts, thousands of people flock to sell everything from food to statues of the Blue's Brothers and Victorian fancy treasures. I had never been there before, so I set out to see what I could find. My favorite two vendors were the friendliest and had the most special things for sale.

My creation

Nancy Stillwagon of Gunther Hall Ltd from Alton Bay New Hampshire. stole my heart when I passed by her booth. She had gorgeous hand-painted prints framed in beautiful frames. There were Vintage prints, wedding announcements, birth announcements and framed Vintage print images printed on fabric. She also had her own paintings framed in the same beautiful way.

My creation

It took me a long time to decide which lovely treasure to take home. I finally selected this gorgeous hand-painted print of Raggedy Ann framed in a lovely frame that matches my guest room. My guest room is filled with old children's books, a few toys and lots and lots of prints.

My creation

I found the perfect place to display the bluebird hand-painted print framed in a double frame of ornate gold. My favorite!


My creationAfter I purchased my treasures from Nancy, I was off down the land of tents to look for something special for my sister's birthday.

My creationThis entrance had me at "hello"

This door and wreath at the entranceway of Tickled Pink and Little M's Posies had me at hello. The friendliest and the most fun two ladies in the entire market were originally from Long Island. Well, of course they home, my planet. Hilliary Boris owner to Tickled Pink located in Seymour, Connecticut was a doll. These two fun ladies mentioned a few bloggers had stopped by their tent also. Linda and Hillary were the highlight of my day, and I will be meandering to be Tickled Pink very soon.

Tickled Pink, 27 Bank Street, Seymour, Ct.

tickled pink doorTheir tent was filled with gorgeous things. Hilary owns her own Home Furnishings and Giftware shop, Ticked Pink which is located at 27 Bank Street in Seymour Connecticut. So, if you are visiting that area be sure to stop by. She is a delight. Her sister, Linda of Little M's Posies makes the most gorgeous designs. I bought my sister a bag from her and the cutest little faux cupcake. She had jackets, pillows and the most stunning sack bags for sale.

I left with another delicious lemonade, two treasures from Nancy, a beautiful bag for my sister, Lynne's birthday from Hillary and Linda and some nice photos to share with you. All in all Brimfield's is quite the market.

The song for this post is YOUR SO COOL by Hans Zimmer. I love all of his music.

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Rhondi said...

Hi Karen
I have always wanted to go to Brimfields. I have seen so many articles about it over the years. The prints you got are really pretty and I like where you put them.
I've never heard of Hans Zimmer but I like that music.
I'm sure your sister will likw her bag. Isn't it a blesssing to have a sister? Ispent 2 hours on the phone with mine this morning!
Rhondi xo

Beverly said...

Wonderful, I'm so glad you experienced Brimfield's. I've always wanted to go - maybe one of these days.

Love your treasures.

Charlie McGee said...

hey Girl, I would have loved to have gone to that flea market. Not that I would have wanted to buy anything, but I just love going to events like it.

Thanks so much for coming in and checking on me. It is a day at a time, but it is getting better. Seems like once we left the house we were able to breath in some fresh air. I can say that I'm finally getting excited about our new begining.
Take care of yourself my friend.

Centsible Mommy said...

Thank you so much for the warm welcome and the shoutout! Your artwork is absolutely amazing!!!
I like your blog...I'll be stopping by again.

Centsible Mommy

M.KATE said...

Always love all your post :)

happy weeeknd :)

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

This post brings back lovely memories of "Brimfield with my daughter".

I think so many people believe it will cost more than it does. There are so many great bargains there.

Rue said...

Hi Karen :)

Brimfield's flee market sounds wonderful!

We had one recently in Springfield, but I was unable to make it, darn it! Hopefully next year :)