cocoa face black & whiteAs I sat at my computer composing today’s post, which is my 302nd post...I listened to the music playing on my selection for today. It reminds me of how fast I can type thanks to my days of being a secretary. When I was typing on my IBM Executive typewriter and using white-out to fix typos, as I struggled to remember if there were five or five and a half backspaces to correct the letter "M."

Cocoa FaceTo me preparing a post is taking my love of computers, graphic design, all the components of art, photographs, music, and words to create a new feeling every day. It reflects the way I see life and my never-ending hunger to embrace all of the beauty around me. Whether I am working on a new creative project, involved in some Blogland event, or taking a drive in the country and sharing what I see, blogging is a new medium which I can use to create. Adding a video or a link only gives the post even more texture.

Cocoa BabooshkaBlogging is an effortless joy, which I look forward to every day. A little secret I keep in my pocket when I am at the market, or discovering some gorgeous new eye candy on my drive somewhere. My camera never leaves my side, and blogging helps me to see how I might photograph something in a completely new way. If I am having a bad day, blogging is my way of changing my mind, if I am having a great day, it is an opportunity to share. Either way, it is truly my joy.

colored pencil cocoaThen if that fun isn’t enough, I get to visit kindred spirits in Blogland. When I return from visiting my favorite blogs, I am greeted by readers comments saying “me too!” What a perfectly wonderful way to compose a journal, with other people peeking over your shoulder with encouraging words. Writing, creating art, selecting just the right music to fit the mood, and leading visitors to wonderful places that only exist in the virtual land of Blogland.

Cocoa rethinking the situationI call my blog a scrapbook of inspiration and that is exactly what it has become. I have learned so much in the year and a few months, that I have been blogging. My first post was in March 2007 and since then invitations to join in the many virtual events set my creative muse on many adventures. As I look back over the last year, I am in awe of all the new people I have met. Kindred spirits who were creating in their corner of the world just like me. Now we have the lovely adventure of giving and receiving the feedback we so needed.

What A FaceIn the beginning my posts were self-conscious and had lots of pictures and few words. Now I have to contain my zeal, because I could write and write and write. Today I am posting my 302nd post, and to celebrate I would like to have a giveaway. I thought perhaps I’ll just give you a gift certificate to anything on my etsy store that you would like. Just leave a comment on any post that I write from now until next Sunday, June 22nd, which is my mom's 82nd birthday. I am going to include the people who left comments on the previous post too, I don't want them to miss out. I will announce the winner on Tuesday June 24th. The winner can select an item from my Etsy store for the giveaway. I'll be adding a few more things this week.

Thanks for being so wonderful and for encouraging me with your lovely comments. Your lovely words have inspired many pieces of art, writing and photographs. I began this adventure wanting to share my inspiration in a virtual scrapbook. Instead I am the one who has received so much inspiration. Thank you for living in this wonderful virtual neighborhood. I enjoy visiting you every day and pretty soon I will need a blog just to house the growing list of favorite places to visit in Blogland.


Oh, and Cocoa says...grab your skateboard and let's ride into Blogland and see what everybody is up to today!


The song for this post...THE TYPEWRITER, of course.
Teri C said...

Oh Karen, these images are so adorable. The little guy with the scarf on is too cute for words.

Your blog is always an inspiration to come and visit and enjoy! it's so obvious you love doing this.

Kathleen Grace said...

Well goodness Karen, congratulations on over 300 posts! I remember when I hit 100 and thought it was a big deal. lol, I'm coming up on 300 soon too now. Anything in your etsy? Count me in!

Beverly said...

Karen, I'm taking a break at work, and popped over to see what you had posted.

I love Cocoa, and I love Blogland, too. Just because of inspirational and nice people like you.

Tara said...


I find blogging to be the same as you--a way to express and taking in all the good that is out there. I love visiting here. I really feel like an armchair viewer of what you do!

Rue said...

Hi Karen :)

You were one of the first 5 bloggers I met in blogland and I was enchanted from the begining. Everytime I come to visit, I see beauty.. in your words, in your pictures, in your designs that you make... it's wonderful! Congratulations and Happy Birthday to your mom :)


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

When I am in a hurry, I'll peruse down Bloglines and read only my favorites (until I get more time to "sit a spell").

Yours is always one I'll smile and click on immediately. Keep up the great work.

Donna said...

You have such a beautiful blog, Karen, and I love to come and visit you!
Cocoa is so adorable!

BTW, the Typewriter music is great!

Have a lovely day,

celestina marie said...

Hi Karen, Congrats on your 302nd post. Each and everyone is a delight and I am so glad that we found each other here in blogland. Here's to blessings of hundreds and hundreds more posts and many happy visits. You are a true gem in the community.
Love the music and love sweet Cocoa. For anyone to receive something from your etsy boutique will be very lucky!!
hugs, Celestina
la rea rose

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Love the typewriter music! This post reminded me of my days as a secretary too...in fact, the line my husband used to pick me up when we first met was "how fast can you type?" as he saw me in a typing class in college! LOL! I could type pretty darn fast! I guess that is why I can blog so much, typing is easy! I have friends who hate blogging and emailing because they can't type! Pity!

Congratulations on your milestone, love the blog and glad you will be sharing 300 more posts with us!

I especially LOVED THE DOG today. What a sweetie!


Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Karen,
You have a beautiful blog...I think this is my first time to see it!
Thanks for stopping by and posting on my Pink Saturday post.

Rhondi said...

Hi Karen
Please enter me in your giveaway. I'd love to win something from your etsy shop.
Rhondi xo

Cami said...

Cocoa is beyond inspiring! Wonderful blog w/ fantastic background music...

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hi Karen!

Congratulations on your grand number of post, that is fantastic! I love all your sweet doggy photos, I just know when I visit here something special will be waiting! Thanks for all your inspiration and beauty.



Mary Isabella said...

I love the song for this post....Mary

Susan said...

Karen, you are such a beautiful person, one who inspires me every day. You are full of hope, dreams, creativity and love. I always come away from your posts uplifted.

Coco is too cute!

Blessings! Susan

Bunny B said...

Congrats on your 300+ posts. Cute song!! :)

bunnybox9 at gmail . com

Fete et Fleur said...

WOW! 302 posts!! Congratulations!
Your doggy is adorable with that skateboard.

XO Nancy

Couture de Papier said...

OMG! You made me have a typo flashback! The pooch does he scateboard? Good way to save gas..hitch a ride pics made me laugh !
Denise Nantasket Beach Mass.

Linda said...

Hi Karen,
Your posts are always so inspiring and this one didn't disapoint you have sumed up for me the true spirt of blogging. Hope you have a great day.
Cheers Linda

Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread said...

Hi Karen, I'm so glad you found blogging! Your creativity is a source of inspiration for me. Lately I've been so busy and I've truly missed my time at the computer. Keep writing! I'll keep reading, always marveling at the beautiful images and the thoughts that accompany them. ~Kathy

Mya said...

What a fun post. You did such a fab job. I love your top model. What a looker.


Hello Karen,

Great post and giveaway, everyone loves your blog. And I love Cocoa even more, what a lovely dog!

~ Gabriela ~

Mary Isabella said...

When I returned to read your post I found that the first comment I left did not post. Your sweet Mother's Birthday is the same day as our 34th wedding anniversary and I wanted to send her a card. If you could please send me your Address....Blessings >>.Mary


Love the music too!!
Cocoa is too cute and very talented too!!!

Lorrie said...

Your blog is always full of inspiring words and images.
I've been encouraged to let me creativity loose through blogging. I used to feel quite alone and strange as it seems few of my local friends create. Maybe I'm just not going to the right places.
But blogging has been a creativity boost for me. And yours is one of my regular visits.


Treasure Barn said...

Congratulations! Sounds like we stated blogging around the same time. I love it too. I have met so many beautiful people out there. You have been a favorite of mine for some time now even though I cannot get to all of my favorites often as I would like to.

Cocoa is precious! Hey if you are having a give away how can I pass that up! I love all of your work so keep your fingers crossed that I win!!!

Marina Capano said...

hi! Nice post,what fun dog! I love him! so, you have an award for you in my blog! I hope you like, I hope so! see you soon! xoxo


Hello Karen,

I just saw you at Marina's blog, you also got the award! Congrats!

~ Gabriela ~

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Your puppy pictures are GREAT! Hilarious! And I could just gaze at page after apge of peony pictures! WOW! Thank you!

M ^..^

Joanne Kennedy said...

I love all the pictures on this post. I'm a big dog lover myself.

Oh I hope I win the give away. It sounds so fun!

I'm going to post a link to your give away on my blog.


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Over 300 posts! Now that is an accomplishment. You are an amazing artist and you are a wonderful writer/photographer. I love coming to your blog and see your mosaic pictures, hearing your music and viewing your art. Keep up the fabulous work!
p.s. - please enter me in your generous giveaway!

Melissa Lewis said...

Cocoa is so cute! My little silky, Murphy, was pawing away at the screen just now!

Congrats on your 302nd post, I wish you 302 more:)

Charlie McGee said...

Hi Karen,

I so enjoyed this post, what a wonderful sweet spirit you have, and thanks for sharing your life with all of us in blogland. I need to start taking more photos and posting them, and write more. It is a way of releasing, this blogland and writing in here. And like you, I have met the nicest women in here, and I always feel like they are with me everyday. It is amazing, huh?
Take care my friend,

Eleanor said...

What lovely blogs and yes, congrats on your 302nd blog! I must say - I am also addicted! Thanks too with great sincerity for the great entry about Thatchwick and South Africa and your wonderful South African friends. I did post an earlier thanks but it seemed to bounce back on my email. Greetings to your family and your skateboarding pooch! Love Eleanor at Thatchwick

vannasmom said...

I just ahppened to find your blog on other places and You are anice picture taker!!
Your photos are amazing!! the dog is super cute and the flowers are very pretty!

CIELO said...

So cute! Come to our party.... and bring Cocoa! :)


StitchinByTheLake said...

Karen what a sweet thing to do. Cocoa is just a doll - I keep trying to convince my husband that I need a dog but he just keeps saying no. I'll wear him down sooner or later! I'm so glad you're blogging - I love reading your posts. Blessings, marlene

La Tea Dah said...

Karen, thank you for always being an inspiration! I love your blog! Many happy 'typewriter' pages to come!

Gracious Hospitality @ gmail

LW said...

What a delightful give-away and wow302 posts…..
I will be looking forward to 302 more…

What a cute and wonderful dog you have…
He makes me smile…

Great music..


LINDA said...

Happy birthday to your mother and congratulations to you; for both the 302 posts and on having your mother still with us. My dad was 80 on the 8th and I am so glad he is still here, My mom is 78 and a little more frail than she used to be but still feisty. Your dog pictures are adorable. He is so photogenic. I, too, have been blogging for just over a year. I started to keep contact with my daughter who had moved from Iowa to Colorado. I was used to visiting every week and now it's every 6 months. Had to have a way to share everyday things. It has grown to be so much more. I love the blogland and all the wonderful friends I've made.
I would love to go on ETSY and pick one of your items. Please put me in the drawing!
Visit my blog for a taste of the Midwest!

Kari & Kijsa said...

This was a fabulous post- loved the part when you said it was hard to contain your zeal- because it truly shows in your writing! A lovely visual was typing the posts and so many blog friends joining in, leaning over a shoulder- loved it!!

Your site is always filled with wonderful words, and to compliment your text, always stunning photos! we feel privileged to join in your journaling!

kari & kijsa

Diana Lyn said...

Oh Karen too funny on the Pictures, Animals where and what would we be with out them! I lvoe my girls so much! Congrats on the 300th post! Have a great day! Diana Lyn

Michele P. said...

I love the skateboarding dog, what cute pics!