Tulip PinkToday is Pink Saturday and it is being hosted by Bev from How Sweet The Sound. Please visit Bev and see all the links to blogs posting PINK. Here are some pink celebrations in a collage that I created for this PINK Saturday.

Pink Saturday

pink Saturday

Peony OrganzaWell, my peonies are in bloom and there is always so much going on in Blogland and I sure do love all the inspiration.

June Peonies

Peony PerfectionMy friend Gabriela Danforth is such a talented lady from Toronto. She has been on television with her crown creations, taught at the Tinsel Trading Company and has been published in Somerset Wedding, as well as other places. Oh my I love all of her crowns and her blog is one of the prettiest places. She just introduced her paper dolls kits and well, I had to share them with you. She even has a special place called MAKE YOUR OWN VINTAGE PAPER DOLLS to show you all about her new kits. Stop by and visit Gabriela, she always has something wonderful going on and her place is so pretty and full of gorgeous crowns and paper creations.

Peony PerfectionA PARTY, did I say a Party. Yes, at A Fanciful Twist! Vanessa is the ultimate storyteller and gifted artist. Whether she is designing some new fabulous canvas or such incredibly adorable critters and creations, she is always in the middle of magic. So, to celebrate her 200th post she is giving us a party on June 28th...a mad tea party to be exact. Exactly why you must stop by and see all the details on her fun post with your invitation.

Peony PerfectionPINK Saturday is being hosted by Bev from How Sweet The Sound. There is still time today to let her know if you would like to visit all the blogs that will be posting their Pinkest Pink Possession. My daughter Sarah and I were cleaning out an armoire in her room and I found so many pink princess treasures. I think I found the Perfect Pink Possession to Post tomorrow!

Peony PerfectionOne more thing I POSTED a few more 8 x 10 prints to my etsy today. My first little number is called

Life is a BreezeWould You Like To Swing On A Star

The Secret Garden

Artist Abroad LigthingArtist Abroad

Oh and don't forget The Rainbow Dragon. This is Wobniar, which is rainbow spelled backwards. He is a character from a story I wrote for my girls called The Rainbow Dragon. This cute little guy just couldn't muster any fire like his angry dad, instead he spouted rainbows when he saw life through a positive perspective (OMG more P's), and well in the story he convinces his father that it is more fun to create rainbows than be angry and create fire and raise havoc.

The Rainbow DragonThe Rainbow Dragon

Peony Melody

Or would you rather be an ant...
An Ant it a creature that likes to help the peony along,
and he is known to, at times even sing a little song.
He is fast and furious and sings off key, but he still loves to sing,
He is partial to the color pink and prefers to sing along with Bing.

Hey there you with the stars in your eyes...

PINK SATURDAY STAMPThe song for this post is Swing On A Star, sung by
Bing Crosby.

I love it when the peonies are in bloom
Susan said...

I love Bing Crosby. I grew up listening to him. His Christmas albums are the Best...It is not Christmas without Bing.

Your paintings are so gorgeous.
Happy Friday!

Mary Isabella said...

I just love coming here to visit you. I can be a bit out of sorts and your post make me feel so much better. They make my spirits soar!!! Love the music too. Have a beautiful weekend...Mary


Good morning Karen,

Thank you so much for featuring my paper doll kits on your blog today.
Have a happy Friday!
And an awesome weekend ahead.

~ Gabriela ~

Beverly said...

Karen, I love this song. And, that Bing Crosby could certainly croon a tune.

Thanks for posting about Pink Saturday. This will be only the third Saturday that others have played along, and it seems to be catching the fancy of others. I am definitely a firm believer that we all need some pink in our life. I can't wait to see your pink pretties.

I'll be showing my mother the paper dolls. We both love them.

SweetAnnee said...

they are great..
Love your blog..

SweetAnnee said...

Love the flowers..and the inspiration!!
smiles, Deena

CIELO said...

Another lovely post; your blog is looking prettier and prettier each day...

Please come the house in the roses, we are having a garden party and would love you to particpate.... come see!


Teri C said...

I think I got my laptop all wet drooling over your gorgeous photos!

TattingChic said...

I love Bing Crosby. What a lovely post. I bloghopped over here from Kathleen Grace's blog.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Bing Crosby always reminds me of my childhood. Good memories. Your peonies are just beautiful and I adore your new prints...

. said...

Lovely header, lovely flowers, lovely everything.
I like peonies so much.

Dawn said...

Oh, I've always liked this song! Your collage of pink pictures is fabulous. I really love the picture of the door.

Happy Pink Saturday.

take care,


The sunrise/sunset, mosaic, flowers, artwork etc.. you really have lovely pink eye candy to share with us today!!!! It is all beautiful!!!
Have a pink day!!:)

Connie said...

Well, the PINK DOOR would do it for me!! I adore AdoRe ADORE the peonies too, sweet little cherby!

Tara said...


A great pink tour today! I love what you have added to your Etsy shop! I envy your talent and celebrate it as well!

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Karen!

Your pink is simply beautiful...just beautiful! Enjoy your weekend.



hautemommy said...

I just LOVE peonies and miss them from when I lived in New York!!! Now I have to watch them bloom vicariously through you haha! Happy Pink Saturday xo!

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Karen, What an incredibly beautiful post!!!...The peonies are simply incredible!!! Here in California it is too hot & dry for them, so instead I will just sit & enjoy all of yours!!!!! I will be back to visit your lovely blog!...heidi :)

marianne said...

what a beautiful display of pink pretties - that sky photo is breathtaking. I totally enjoyed visiting your lovely blog for Pink Saturday. :)

rochambeau said...

What a beautiful post Karen! Wow!
Did you know that pink is the color of your hearts desire?
Happy Pink Saturday!

Marina Capano said...

Happy Pink Saturday karen, just wonderful flowers! I love your pink post!and Gabriela is talent artist, I would that she will to be in my tv program too. I think is posible soon, I have own show in tv fox latin chanel
I hope you in my pink saturday!! by for now see you!

Marina Capano said...

Hi Karen: you can see my tv program in this link, it have video and pictures I hope you like!!! XO

Deb said...

Gorgeous pink collage.

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Great pink post! Amazing "pink" sunset! Swinging On A Star, is my husband's favorite song! ;)


shirl said...

HI Karen, I 'm still making my pink Saturday rounds. Beautiful post here, thank you for sharing!
Blessings, Shirl
Shirls ROse COttage