Pink Saturday


capelet8Bev from How Sweet The Sound is hosting her weekly Pink Saturday. I really wanted to post something special today, and it took longer than usual. You know "Ma, where is this", "Ma, where is that?" By the time I finished finding everyone's lost things I looked at the clock and it was almost noon.

capelet7My sister, Susan has been knitting up a storm for her Esty shop. She has been knitting neck warmers and these oh so cute capelets. I love everything that she knits.



capelet8I just love my sister's creations. She tells the story on her blog how she quit smoking by taking up knitting. In her usual creative style she has designed knitting kits to help someone quit smoking. They are also available on her her Esty shop. If It seems that I am bragging about my baby sister, Susan, I am!!!! I am so proud of her.

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capelet8Have a Pink Saturday, and be sure to visit Bev's Place to see all the Pink Posts.

capelet8Here I am with my sister, Susan a few years ago...tee hee. I think the cars give away our secret!

Me and my sister, Susan
The song for this post is Everything is Coming Up Roses.

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Jeanne said...

Karen, your pink post is sweet. I think you should brag about your sister. Good for her giving up smoking and trying to help others. She knits lovely things.

Happy pink Sat.


Mary said...

Beautiful colors - your sis must be a fun gal! The stop smoking knitting kits sound great - all women who smoke need to be gifted with one of those.....well men too, they enjoy knitting once they get over the 'feminine fear' thing!!

Great song too - Coming up Roses!
Hope your weekend is full of fun pink!!

suesueb said...

the caplet is lovely and the brooch fabulous! have a great pink day!!

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Karen. I had my post set to publish at three this morning, but TypePad didn't comply.

You're a good mom - one that solves all of the issues.

I'd be bragging about my sister, too. I wish I had one to brag about.


Miss Rhea said...

What a sweet pink sweater. :)

Shayla said...

That capelet has a lovely shape and I love that hot pink with the blue! Wow!!

Thanks for your visit, and Happy Pink Saturday :)

Connie said...

You are definitely my kinda pink chick, honey!! Beeeeauuuutiful, sweet chickee! Thanks for visiting me! You are a painter of "adorable" stuff!!

Anonymous said...

You SHOULD be proud of your sister! That's a great idea to help quit smoking. I did that 20 some years ago and I took up EATING! A very bad substitute, but now, with lots of exercise and wiser food choices, I'm not quite as plump as I once was AND I feel much, much better. What gorgeous items! What terrific photos. Happy Pink Saturday to you!

LiLi M. said...

I like that idea of the stop smoking kits!! Good idea, because to a lot of people to stop smoking really means having to change their lifes and their attitudes. I reckognize that feeling that time is going by too fast, especially on Saturdays. I always tell our kids; 'its Saturday so the time speeder is up.' It just looks like the time is going twice as fast on Saturdays than during working days!

I'm not sure whether I have typed the characters correct. So perhaps you'll receive this twice, but better twice than not at all.

Mary Isabella said...

You are both very beautiful as well as her creations are....Mary

Joy said...

Awesome colors!


Happy Pink Saturday!

Karen, blasting wonderful pink post! Wow, love it!

~ Gabriela ~

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Congratulations to your Sis Karen. Her kits are a great idea and your photography today is outstanding. ~ Lynn

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Karen, nice pink post!
Love, Ann

Cottage Rose said...

You go a head an brag about you sister. I do my sister she is older then me I like to remind her that I am the baby. lol; I love her wraps they are so sweet looking and very colorful. She does great work and what a great way to quit smoking. Love your blog and will be back.
Have a great weekend.


Tara said...


Just back from vaca and will do the meme next week (thanks for the invite!!) your pink SAT pics, they are always so fun! And the Newport pics were great, I was just in Providence today!


Marina Capano said...

Karen!!! Hi!How are you! I am very happy for your comment in my blog! you said me nice beautiful words!!!!!by the way, your post is fantastic,you are so nice person happy pink saturday to you!!!
your argentinian friend

Sabii Wabii said...

I love the way the gallery photo looks with your sisters cape.
Your photos of the sail boats are amazing. Boy it must have been a great day! Everything looks beautiful about it!
Have a blessed day!

Margie said...

I absolutely adore the blue flower pin with the delicate pink edges, such a nice touch to the pink capelet! and what a clever idea your sister had with the stop smoking kits! Very creative!


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

I see talent runs in your family! What lovely creations...

Donna said...

Lovely pink, Karen! Your sister is very talented.

Donna said...

Oh you beautiful girls!!! I love how she quite smoking! That is incredible!! And, lovely creations to boot ;) Happy Sunday!!

Shirl said...

Hello Karen, I'm still making my Pink Saturday rounds, love all your pink!
Blessings, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Alison Gibbs said...

What fabulous pinks for Pink Saturday

Tracy said...

Hello, Karen! Thanks so much for visiting me on Pink Saturday--so nice to meet you and find your lovely, vibrant place here in blogland! Your Pink Saturday offering is fantastic--your sister is clever with knitting needles. You both have gorgeous Etsy shops! I look forward to visiting again...Happy Summer Days :o)