Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Memories Embossed Into My Heart

Pansie Face

DSC00764It’s a funny thing about flowers, they escort memories just at the sight of their little faces each season.


DSC00764As if you have forgotten that special time in a chapter. Then you see that face of the flower and the memories come rushing back.


DSC00736I walked through gardens of pansies in a very special chapter, and the sight of it’s reflection this morning got me finding music that I enjoyed Once upon a time...


DSC00764Sigh. Well, let’s pour a cup of tea, listen to the sweet sound of music that holds memories dear and sweet, sit at the kitchen table and let’s take out the paintbox and paint these little faces.


DSC00764An AquaBoard which has a lovely watercolor surface seemed perfect to capture the little folds in each pansy petal.


DSC00764I painted pansies using watercolor paint and then embossed pieces and bits throughout the painting to add light and texture.


DSC00764Embossing and watercolor...


DSC00787hmmmmmmm I guess that means mixed-media.

DSC00764Let’s take a print of another watercolor design


DSC00764and pop it into the perfect frame capturing a vignette.


DSC00764How about a charm? Let’s take a tiny print, hand-paint it with a bit of Perfect Pearls, pop it into a 2 x 2 charm with glass on both sides and add a bit of garden ribbon.


DSC00764Pansies, a cup of tea, painting memories into my day, listening to enchanting music. Embossing my memories into each little pansy on the canvas board.


DSC00737What do pansies remind you of, pour yourself a cup of tea and walk down the lanes that lead to sweet memories and the delightful face of the pansies from garden paths long ago...


DSC00734The song for this post is One Day In Your Life.

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