Friday, May 15, 2009

The House in The Roses and Secret Gardens

faerie transparency

blythe treeThe garden was green this morning from all the rain we had yesterday.

My creation

blythe treeIt's a bit cool, just the way I like Spring mornings to be. When I came inside, I poured a cup of coffee and went to visit a few blogs. My lovely friend Cielo from The House In The Roses always writes beautiful posts on Hopeful Fridays.


blythe treeI wasn't disappointed, there amongst the beautiful photographs of her garden were photos of her granddaughter enjoying a peek around Cielo's garden. The photographs I used for this post are mine, so that you can be surprised when you visit Cielo.

magical forest

blythe treeI peeked around a bit myself and entered the door to The Secret Garden. A place where she features special gardens that take your breath away.

My creation

blythe treeToday's garden is so special and magical, you must stop by HERE and see it to believe it.


blythe treeHidden in the gardens of the North end of Melbourne Australia Bruno's sculpture enchants the landscape.I love garden sculptures, but the ones by Bruno are totally enchanting.

forest birdhouse

blythe treePeople like Cielo are always painting the blogging landscapes with magic and beauty.


blythe treeVisiting The House In The Roses is the loveliest getaway I know. Cielo's words, her garden, music and her photographs will whisk you away to another time and place. I hope you enjoy your walk through her gardens and come away as refreshed as I did ready to begin my day.

My creation

Happy Hopeful Friday, Cielo. You spread hope and beauty everyday.

The song for this post is by Enya, and it is called Fairytale, just like Cielo.

blythe tree
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