Friday, June 26, 2009


Mad Tea Party Magazine

nce upon a time, in THE LAND OF BLOG a wonderful storyteller named Vanessa. lived in a corner of this magical place. The name of her place was called A FANCIFUL TWIST. Vanessa sent a message throughout the land to come and join her for a Mad Tea Party.


alice-in-blogland-inside-doorSo, it was about this time that I was reading the most magical story book about Alice In Blogland.

mad-tea-party-09 The story began with a cake, you see. A special cake made especially for the Mad Tea.


alice-in-blogland-inside-doorIt began with a not so smiley cheshire cat named Dinah too, or was it Mittens? Oh right, it was Mittens.


alice-in-blogland-inside-doorAnd a very very untimely Rabbit named Sam. Oh right, I think his name was actually White Rabbit.

alice-in-blogland-inside-doorNow all of the characters in this story were on their way to Miss Vanessa's party. Yet, they stopped off to have a totally respectable spot of tea with Mad Hatter, before traveling to Miss Vanessa's.

100_4182Now, The Mad Hatter was very anxious to begin the festivities...

My creation

alice-in-blogland-inside-doorBut Mad Hatter simply asked "WHERE'S ALICE?"


So many questions in this story, enough to drive you mad!

alice-in-blogland-inside-doorEveryone was seated of course, and Mad Hatter was handing out the cups of course. Well, where was Alice, anyway? They all looked a bit confused and totally mad, because Alice needed to take her seat of honor of course.

My creation

alice-in-blogland-inside-doorAfter all wasn't the Mad Hatter Party supposed to have an Alice? It seems that Alice had been eating those silly little cakes that made her very very big, and she had gotten herself stuck.


alice-in-blogland-inside-doorThe pity of the whole thing was that she had knocked over the drink that would have made everything perfectly normal again, you see.


alice-in-blogland-inside-doorShe called for help, but everyone was already at the party in the garden with Mad Hatter. Even Dinah, oh I mean Mittens wasn't anywhere to be found. All of a sudden who should appear, but Pink Saturday Miss Bunny Surprise.


Alice had remembered, "Oh yes, it's time for Pink Saturday!!" Miss Bunny Surprise had brought Miss Bev from HOW SWEET THE SOUND to gather her Pink Saturday friends around her to help set Alice free.



alice-in-blogland-inside-doorSoon, Alice was free...well kind of free. So, Alice went to the party, wearing the sweet little house and all, and had the most glorious time. Then the untimely Rabbit suggested that we all head over to A FANCIFUL TWIST in THE LAND OF BLOG.


alice-in-blogland-inside-doorOh, and of course all of her Pink Saturday friends were invited to come along and meet up with dear Miss Vanessa.


alice-in-blogland-inside-doorSo, here is the most curious part of the story, instead of the END, it was just the beginning. Because all over the LAND OF BLOG others were celebrating this perfectly respectable Mad Tea Party too.

alice-in-blogland-3 MISS VANESSA'S MAD TEA PARTIES


mad-tea-party-09THE BEGINNING.

alice-once-upon-a-timeI love opening up lots of books and researching a story before I create something. The song for this post is Ice Dance by Danny Elfman because he has written the music for the new Alice in Wonderland which we will all visit in 2010 created by Tim Burton. Graphics: The graphic backgrounds and some of the elements I added to my illustrations were purchased from the wonderful Pickleberrypop, and the house is from Two Peas In A Bucket
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