Pink Saturday

My creation

If Paris Hilton were alive in the 60's,
instead of saying "That's Hot",
she would have said "That's Mod."


I was designing
some very "MOD" fabric


Memories started
to dance to the music and lyrics
from the past, and I was
in 60's memory land.


Thinking about flowered bell bottoms, wanting to be a fashion illustrator, and falling in love for the first time.


Wearing shoes that were so tall to accommodate the widest bell bottom pants you can imagine, I learned to walk very carefully so that I did not fall off my platforms.


The Beatles ruled the world back then, and I spent hours illustrating fashions from the New York Times Leisure section. My girlfriends and I spent hours teasing our hair to see how high we could make it stand, and putting tons of white lipstick on to accent our huge eyes decorated with thick false eyelashes. We thought we looked Groovy.

Vinyl Girl cropped w background

I actually designed Vinyl Girl back in 1965, when Yesterday was sung by Paul and we all swooned over how cute he was! I actually turned this one into a fabric for fun.



judy-5 My BFF, Judy of JUZ JUZ BEADS just started blogging....Yay!! Please stop by and give her a big welcome to The Land of Blog. Judy will be joining us for Pink Saturday soon.

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Well, I hope you have a groovy time visiting all the cool Pink Saturday posts today. Stop by Bev from How Sweet The Sound and you will be led to Pink Saturday Land. The song for this post is Yesterday. Funny but the words are very much timely for today.

Make sure you visit another BFF of mine, and a Pink Saturday friend of yours, Gabriela Delworth. She is having a very special giveaway, and announcing a very special surprise!
Tami said...

That was very mod today,Karen! Great post!!
Happy pinks! xo Tami


Karen..Your post today "MOD me smile". Love nearly fell off my platforms giggling at your comments! You are truly too Groovy!

Couture de Papier said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonjour Karen! I just came from Tristan's wonderful Pink Post with the same theme of retro! THis is so much fun...I was about 10 during this MOD time and I loved it. Twiggy was my idol and those white go-go boots were all the rage. My dad refused to buy them for me but one day he gleefully came home and said, "Guess what! I found your boots! Let's go get them!" I was beside myself. However, my hopes deflated when he pulled into the not so cool back then thrift store to show me the boots he had in mind: a pair of white rubber golashes!!!! LOL...Oh daddy, God bless you. Anita

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

love your pink post today!

My sister was another who did the teased hair, white lipstick, and fake eyelashes (as I recall, she had to go to a beauty salon and have them put on one by one - does that sound right?!).

I was also into elephant bells (as we called them) and Carnaby Street style - lots of paisley shirts with white collars and cuffs worn with huge (fake) gemmed cuff links.

I also remember our pants were cut sooooooooo low, and our belt buckles were sooooooooo big, we put the next generation at risk simply by sitting down.

Love your post today - lots of fun.

HaPpY PiNk SaTuRdAy!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Karen, oh how I loved this post! I'm a Beatles fan, and it was always a coin toss whether I liked Paul or John. Paul or John. Paul or John. Paul was definitely cuter. ;-)

Love these creations! And I can remember playing BASKETBALL at the Sigma Chi house in a pair of snug, low rider, very wide bell jeans (in burgundy corduroy) in a pair of those big platform heels. That was in the early Seventies! LOL!

You are so amazingly talented, and I always love to visit and see what you've been doing. Love the fabric. You are SO creative!

Happy Pink Saturday...


Sheila :-)

caren said...

Oh I so remember.....and into the 70's. I had the platform shoes and huge bell bottoms. I didn't tease my hair though...I was more going into the "hippie" era. However, I did want to look like Twiggy....always loved her eyes.

I love "Yesterday"...I heard Paul wrote it after finding out his Mom had cancer. Not sure if that is true but certainly makes sense listening to lyrics.

I love your fabric designs...I'm going to make sure Ashley (my daughter) sees them. When she was at the Paris Fashion Institute they went to a designers showing of his fabrics - she was fascinated. I am sure she will LOVE yours - especially the girl.

Mary said...

What a fun filled and interesting post. Anyone so "mod" deserves a wonderful Pink Saturday. Have a great day.

Kathleen Grace said...

Love the Paris fabric Karen! You know what's funny? The kids in the middle school where I work are coming in wearing some very 60's inspired fashions themselves. Makes me smile to see them thinking they are as cool as we were when we wore them! lol

Joyce said...

Very "groovy" as always. Thanks for the shout out. Tomorrow is the big party. Stop by if your in my neck of the woods. We start at 2.

Dogwood said...

What a fun, fun post. That sure took me back to the good old days when I was younger. Mod~fun.

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

KAREN! You are so multitalented!! I didnt know you had a fabric shop too!!! These are wonderful!!

vickie said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Wonderful pinks today. Fantastic Mod fabric.

She'sSewPretty said...

far out Karen!! LOL I remember bell bottomed hip huggers. I remember having a purple pair!! Yikes. What memories you've stirred up! Happy Pink Saturday!

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Happy PiNk to you, Karen

What a blast from my past....boy, I wish I still had my hip hugger jeans, halter tops and platforms..I'd turn them into an art form for my walls. :0)

I'll go visit the new bloggers!

Scatter Bliss...

Fairy Footprints said...

Happy pink Saturday

What a great and fun post.


Kathleen said...

This is my first visit to your site. Love your graphics!! My daughter is graduating in May as a graphic designer. Can't wait to show her your site!

Catharina Maria said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Thanks so much for sharing and please come visit when you have a moment!
Love from the Netherlands Rini

AkH said...

Nice! I will wish you a nice weekend and even tell you that I have made a new blog
Welcome to follow this blog instead of my other (livetharochnu-akh).
Have a nice weekend!

♥Mimi♥ said...

Pink is my color and today is always such a special day for me. Oodles of pink to check out and oodles of beautiful blogs to admire.

Thank you so much for participating this week. I l♥ved dropping by to see your delightful pinkness. Have a wonderful weekend filled with fun and the company of those you love.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Karen darling,
Your visits are always special to me! Your dad was cameraman on Ed Sullivan? HOW COOL! I remember dabbling in the white lipstick as well, but I never wore the the time I was old enough to sneak out of the house with makeup, false eyelashes were out of style. Great posts and it is fun to see everyone's comments! Bisous, Anita

Mollye said...

Yep way too groovy! Happy Pink, Mollye

Claudia said...

I remember those days, Karen! I had pink flowered bellbottoms and I loved them! Happy Pink Saturday!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Oh My Goodness... I remember white lipstick and swooning over Paul. Thanks for the walk down "Abby Road" I mean memory lane!

Gabriela said...

Happy Pink Saturday!~

This is such a groovy and pink post!
Love your fabric designs!

~ Gabriela ~

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Karen, Oh how MOD of you and groovy!! I love this post and your illustrations are wonderful.
I wore the bell bottoms too and we just knew that wearing platforms made us look really skinny!! Yes, we had to be careful when we walked not to fall off our platforms. I was just starting highschool in the 70's and we thought we were so stylin!! Big hair, high shoes and very wide pants. Many happy times.

You are so creative and your talents took us down memory lane. How fun!!
Blessings to you, Celestina Marie

Fairy Footprints said...

Hello thank you so much for visiting me today for Pink Saturday. I loved our visit.

Thank you so much for your kind words.

Have a wonderful Sunday.


Draffin Bears said...

Happy pink Saturday Karen!

I loved your post, so much fun.
Thank you for sharing.
I can remember the platforms and bell bottom pants.

Have a wonderful weekend

Patricia said...

I have enjoyed my visit to your blog and Happy Pink Saturday. I hope you have a wonderful new week.

Carol at Serendipity said...


Love your posts! I had bell bottoms from the army navy store. My parents were appalled as they had sent me off to college with John Meyer and Villager! Loved the Beatles - still do. Now I am going to visit your BFFs and look at your fabric.

Happy Pink Saturday


kanishk said...

I just came from Tristan's wonderful Pink Post with the same theme of retro! THis is so much fun...I
Work from home India

Tara said...

Happy pink Sat to you--and your Mod girl--very Twiggy!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh Karen...........FAB.U.LOUS!...You are a magnificent artist. I love Mod Girl....and you did that as a teen? Holy moly! Love your new fabrics....totally delish.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Warm blessings,

Cathy said...

Hi Karen, Love the fabric. I didn't do Pink Saturday this week, but I'm blogging around tonight enjoying everyone's post.

I can't wait to get my hands on Gabriela's new book. It looks awesome. I'm so inspired.

Tomorrow I'm going to play at my Glitz and Glam station for sure.

BTW, I'm a 70's child, so I could really relate to your post!

Have a great evening.


Look in the Nook said...

I love your very Mod PINK Saturday. What a wonderful post.
Don't forget to "Look in the Nook"

Beverly said...

Karen, this was so fun - and right up my alley as far as time frame.

Happy Pink Saturday, dear friend. I'm off to visit your friends and see your fabrics.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Love your Pink Saturday post Karen! We share the same years &the same memories ...the only thing different was I pursued nursing as a profession while you pursued art.. I think you made the better choice :-)

Happy Pinkness!

kate said...

oh so beautiful, love the winter scape photo
always love your work